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I've been slacking hard core on my One Little Word for the year.  My word is mindful and I am attempting to do the proper OLW class from Ali Edwards.  Part of that class was to do something, to practice something, in the month of February.  Did I do that?  Nope, not even once.  So I started fresh this past Monday.  My practice? Meditation.  I shared my vision planner and the mantras I'm using for meditation in this post.
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I've been doing it a little bit, in a way that relates to this sticker set, by taking baths once a week using some of my essential oils.  It has helped calm me and keep my mind focused.  I've started to realize that for my own mental health I need to get a hold on my thoughts and focus my mind.  To recenter myself and reaffirm myself.  There are some characteristics that others claim to be too much that I actively embrace...but I wasn't embracing them like I should.  If you've ever had these feelings of 'what is wrong with me?' you may understand what I mean.
So of course, I needed some amazing little stickers to put in my planner with I take my baths.  Why?  Because stickers!  When I first got into Memory Planning I knew I had to have stickers for everything I'd ever need (that's one reason why I started making and sharing them!).  I needed to have a sticker for nearly everything because I needed to feel I was doing this thing completely.  So I hope all these sticker help!


The file includes a cut file to for cutting these with your Silhouette, a PNG file for cutting with your Cricut Explore, as well as a PDF for cutting by hand or with this tool.  
As always, these stickers are for personal use only.  Do not sell the design - digital or printed.  Do not print and disseminate the file in mass quantities.  If you would like to share or pin this download, please link only to the blog post and not to the file.  Thank you for playing nice.

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What are you doing for yourself? 

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Awesome how nice of you. I'll have to print these out and use for sure. I'm new to the planner world. I will print these on sticky paper and then fussy cut. Thanks much for them.


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