Free Sticker Friday // Etsy Shopping Wallet Stickers

I've decided to rename this little series here on the blog where I offer free stickers every Friday to Free Sticker Friday.  This week's stickers are designed to be cut using the Silhouette - either the Portrait or the Cameo.  I switch weeks from Cricut Ready Stickers to Silhouette Ready Stickers and this week happens to be Silhouette time!
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These are great for marking when you've made your recent Etsy purchase but I've also included some plain 'ol wallets to track any spending you might be doing as we come into time for school.  I know there are school supplies to be purchased, clothes, shoes, planners, textbooks.....the list just keeps growing!! I haven't gone back to school in 5 years....and I get a little sad about that each year!


As always, the stickers on my blog are for personal use only.  Please to do not sell the printed work or the designs, do not offer them for free, or distribute them in mass in any form.  If you would like to share these stickers with a friend, please direct them to this blog post and not the digital file.  Additionally, I'd love for you to pin to this post instead of the digital file on any of your Pinterest boards.  Thank you for playing nice!
If you'd like to purchase sticker paper you can find a lot of choices on Amazon here.  Think you might like to try cutting these by hand?  Check out the Gyro Cut here to help you kiss cut with out a machine.


xoxo, Moe

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