Make it Monday // Fruit Slices Cup Cozie

It is finally getting to be the time of year where I can switch my parka for a tank top and my winter boots for bare feet.  This winter wasn't as bad as it has been in the past but it still was cold, it still was long, it still was winter.  Even last week we had a day in the 40's after a week of 60's-70's.  I was like WTF is going on here.
I decided to welcome the warm weather with a crochet project! Super weird, right?  But it isn't something you wear it is something for your cup to wear.  I've posted previous cup cozie projects before (here & here) and they are all themed for the season.  This is the second crochet applique cup cozie I've made and I have to say it is pretty fun to figure out how to make little shapes using various stitches.  I tried to make charts for the orange slices but just couldn't figure out how to properly convey the shape.  Hopefully you can go off of these charts for reference.  I did use a combination of single crochet and double crochet to get the look.

The half size slice has a row of double crochet in light orange, and then two rows of single crochet in light orange, increasing a bit each time.  The final row is single crochet in the darker orange.
The full circle slice is crocheted in the round with out turning and has a row of double crochet in the light orange followed by a row of single crochet in light orange, then a third row of double crochet in light orange.  The last row is single crochet in the dark orange.  Each row has an increase to help keep the shape.  Both appliques were made with a size G crochet hook.

I then used some white yarn to weave from center to outer edge to create some 'slices'.  I didn't do this equally around the slices though, to add some contrast.  Then I attached the appliques to the cozie with a needle and the corresponding yarn, tucking all loose ends inside.
The cozie was made by crocheting in the round 17 rows of 35 single crochet stitches using an H hook.  Because the appliques were so huge, the cozie had to be big enough to accommodate them.  Using thinner weight yarn and a smaller, corresponding hook will make the appliques smaller.  But this size works great for a cold beverage insulated cup.

I can't wait to sip something delicious on the porch out of this fun mug.  Or even throw a frozen lemonade or smoothie in it to go.

Was winter harsh were you were?  Are you excited for warm weather?

xoxo, Moe

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