Free Printable Sick Day Stickers

A few weeks ago I was sick as a dog and really wanted a way to mark the fact that I felt like death in my planner.  I didn't take any days off from work so consequently the guy I sit next to got sick (sorry dude) but I did come directly home and sleep.  Sweetie was not very happy with that as she really wanted to play and cuddle and play and cuddle.  I created this little graphic using the app Phonto - which is such a fun and quick text app (I use it to create all my blog cover photos and YouTube thumbnails - it is the best) then imported it into my Silhouette software and used the Draw a Curved Shape tool to trace a cut line around each little image.
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So I have a PDF, a Studio file, AND a PNG file for you all today - so if you have a cutting machine like the Silhouette you can cut the Studio file or like the Cricut Explore you can cut the PNG File (check out this video on how to cut PDF & PNG files with your Cricut!), and if you're old school you can trim these with scissors.

**If you do cut this with the Cricut Explore, make sure when you upload the image you erase the text at the bottom of the image (that is the only cleaning up you'll need to do) and then size the WIDTH ONLY to 5.5 inches.  You may find the image to pixelate a little bit - so you might need to size it smaller :( this graphic was created at 300dpi so I'm not sure why it's pixelated!**

If you haven't considered picking up a digital die cutting machine I highly recommend you consider picking one up!  The Cricut Explore is my favorite for paper crafting and the Silhouette is my favorite for sticker making but you can totally do both with each machine.  I am very happy I have both though!
As a reminder, all the files in this blog post are for personal use only.  If you'd like to share with others please link or pin this post and do not share the file.  Do not print and distribute in mass and do not sell this printable as is, modified, or printed.  Do not claim this file as your own.  All in all, please play nice.

Hope you enjoy, and I hope you don't have to use these often!!!

xoxo, Moe

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