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Way back in the day I used to post camera & photo app suggestions all the time.  Then I realized that while I liked all the fun filters, I really did like trying to take realistic photos - or photos that could better represent reality.  The camera I use for my Etsy listings and my blog photos has been my iPhone for going on a solid like few years right now!  I haven't busted out my DLSR in ages.  
It took too much to run editing software on my ageing Macbook and because my phone was so portable I could edit on the go.  Meaning I could get work done on my lunch break, during a 3 hour car ride, while I'm waiting on a movie to start, etc.  While that sounds sort of insane - those extra minutes do add up!

Currently I have a rose gold iPhone 6s, an upgrade to my iPhone 5.  I would say 2014 & 2015 were mainly photographed with my iPhone 5, before that was my iPhone 4, and going forward will be my iPhone 6s.  I was reading some where that it wouldn't be science fiction for the newer iPhone models to have the quality of DSLRs.  With the mini processing power of these phones, you can even run Adobe products!  My dad blew my mind with his use of Lightroom on his phone.  Amazeballs!

Since 99.99999% of my blog photo work is done on my phone, I'm always in the market for apps that make things easier.  Apps that have targeted enhancements and apps that allow you to create your own filters or actions always get a download from me.

I have a whole review on Afterlight here on the blog, but I love this app because of it's simplicity.  The adjustments sliders are just right and the options are endless.  Honestly, I use this app everyday but I would say I've never used it to it's full potential - the creativity in this app is endless.
I mainly use the fusion option which is a feature that allows you to create your own preset filters.  You can create these fusions, save them, and email them to yourself (or friends) for other devices.  You can also add on to the fusion you've created and save it as a new preset.  When I open a photo in Afterlight I only do a few basic edits - brightness, crop, etc - if need be, but I mainly only use the fusion option.  This creates a cohesive look to the photos on my blog.  Every post has the same feel and these presets aren't too over the top.  The images are still realistic.

I've mentioned Snapseed in many posts on the blog but this is my favorite app for precision editing.  my favorite feature is the Selective function.  This allows you to target the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation of a certain area of your image.  If ever I find the corners of my photo to be dark, I use the Selective function to bump up the brightness in that targeted area.  
The edits are subtle and fully controllable to create a subtly enhanced image.  Bump up the brightness, adjust the contrast, use the brush feature to adjust exposure (and more) in a more specific area.  I also love the heal feature for any blemishes on my zillion selfies.

This app is new to the app store and I've found the filters very helpful for creating that realistic look.  One of my favorites is in the Essentials Collection.  It is named Lite Bright and I love it because it makes the whole image bright.  Each filter can be adjusted for intensity
This app takes it slightly farther than Afterlight for me with a true curves feature.  I'll be the first to tell you though - I don't quite understand curves!!  But the other edits are amazingly adjustable.  Using this app you can create custom filters as well.  The only downfall to this app is you can't move the photo between apps to conserve space on your phone.  Some apps will have a feature that allows you to open the photo in another app right from the app screen - both Afterlight and Snap Seed have this feature.  Moving photos through different apps is my favorite way to conserve space on my phone while traveling - read more ways to conserve space here.

I miss trying all the new camera apps but I really have a certain look in mind these days so a lot of the crazy filters don't do it for me any more!  I even love how Instagram has offered up some new filters that are more realistic.  

You can read all my iPhoneography posts here.

What are your favorite photo apps?  Do you use your phone as your main camera as well?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I have been looking for more photo editing apps but have been overwhelmed by all the selections so I'm soooo glad you posted this. I'll probably check out all three! :)


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