Wednesday Decor // Dollar Tree Cleaning Caddy

This idea is 100% unoriginal - I have to say I've probably seen about a zillion of these things going around Pinterest.....but I just had to throw mine in the mix.  I mean, have you seen how cute things at the Dollar Tree have become?  So, you know for the sake of all the pretty things I had to make my own.
I've mentioned before that one of the key ways I keep the house tidy is to have what I need in every room.  Luckily we have a bathroom downstairs and upstairs so I can keep my caddies under the sink.  I also keep a few extras in our utility closet and in the cabinets in the laundry room.

Another reason I wanted to put this together from the Dollar Tree is that if you're trying to buy multiples of cleaning supplies.....brand names can get expensive.  If you're just trying to get started in your cleaning routine you don't want to have to drop a million dollars.  When something runs out buy the brand name if you wish or stick to the Dollar Tree brand.  The only thing I couldn't find at the Dollar Tree were the Swiffer type duster things - I usually get the generic Meijer brand at a slightly affordable price.  I prefer these to the dusting cloths, but you can find the dusting cloths at Dollar Tree.  You can also find the wet pads if you use your Swiffer to mop as well.

The Essentials - under the sink
In the bathroom I like to keep a little caddy with all the elements I'll need to clean there.  In each bathroom I like to keep glass cleaner, disinfectant wipes, sponges, toilet & tub cleaner, & paper towels.  When I change the trashcan I do put extra trash bags in the bottom of the can that way I can switch them out with ease.  I keep a few extras in the caddy as well....because I'm lazy!

The Essentials - main rooms
In the utility closet & in the laundry room I keep a basket that I can place in a central location while I'm cleaning.  I also use this basket as the one to gather up all the stuff that needs to be moved into another room - everything that doesn't seem to belong in that room (as mentioned in this post).  Because these rooms need different things (no tub or toilet cleaner) I like to keep them separate.  In this basket I keep a duster, disinfectant wipes, full size trash bags, & fabric refresher.  Both our bedroom and the living room have mirrors but I just grab the glass cleaner out of the bathrooms when I need it.

This makes it so much faster to clean.  I don't have to spend time gathering the supplies to clean.  So helpful!  (And one less excuse!)

How do you keep your cleaning supplies stored?  Anything interesting?

xoxo, Moe

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