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There have been a ton of new releases at the drugstore recently and I honestly can't get enough.  I am a drugstore beauty girl at heart and love picking up brand new things.  Today I want to share with you two affordable ways to highlight and contour using Wet n Wild products!  Both, I believe, are reformulated, re-releases - the highlight and contour duo is a reformulated version of the previous highlight and contour powders they released (I believe) in 2014/2015 and the shimmery highlighting palette is a new format of the Mega Glow powders (I'm pretty sure).  Either way these products have the brand new label at the drugstore and I think they both are they bomb!

This is going to be a different type of review on these products - I usually follow a different format in my previous reviews, but this is going to be more about the process and showing how to incorporate products into a routine.  Plus I'd like to do some posts featuring brushes to use or brushes that might be helpful for different products.  Hope you enjoy!

The Products
The Wet n Wild MegaGlow Contouring Palette in Dulce De Leche features two amazingly soft, blendable powders.  The powder on the left is a lighter powders - ideal for lighter skin tones - that can be used to set the under eye area and the center of the face, or any other areas of the face that should appear brighter.  The powder on the right is a deeper brown color that lends more neutral - not too orange or too ashy.  This color is perfect for creating a sculpted look.  Each powder is very, very buildable and blendable so there isn't a risk of packing on too much color.

The bushes I use with the Contouring Palette are the Elf Complexion brush for all over bronzing & contouring and the Elf Blush Brush to set the highlighted parts of my face.  Each brush is affordable and can be found either online on the Eyes Lips Face website or in stores (Target, Walgreens, etc.)

The MegaGlow Illuminating Palette reminds me of the smaller illuminating product the brand used to have featuring a similar stripe pattern.  There used to be a few shads of this product, but this seems to be a rerelease of this product.  I can't find this newer face palette on the Wet n Wild website.  This new palette features a wider surface area for each color and it is easier to target the color you might like to use.  Again, these powders are soft, buildable, and blendable for easy application.

The brush I love to use with any highlighter is the Elf Small Tapered Brush.  This brush has a smaller egg shape and is perfect for placing & blending the powders.  I have not seen this brush other than online at the Eyes Lips Face website.

The Swatches
rigth - highlighting powder // left - contouring powder
Wet n Wild MegaGlow Illuminating Palette in Catwalk Pink

The Process
After applying foundation but before setting the rest of the face, I use the flat side of the Elf Blush Brush to pick up the lighter powder in the contouring duo.  I gently place the powder under my eyes and down the center of my face.  Using a transparent powder, I then set the rest of my face.
Using the tip of the Elf Complexion Brush, I pick up some of the deeper shade in the contouring palette.  I start off by working the color into the hollows of my cheeks the up around my temples and hairline.  Then I work any excess beneath my jawbone.  This brush applies just the right amount and allows precise placement but also the ability to blend with out switching tools.
The broader side of the Elf Small Taper Brush is perfect for picking up highlighter.  I usually tap the brush across all colors of the Illuminating palette and then place, in a sweeping motion, the highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones.  I work any additional product up above my browbone as well.  This brush is perfect to build up the color.  I then use the pointed tip of the brush to blend in circular motions.  This creates a better blend between all of my face products.

Overall Review & Recommendations
These products impressed the pants off me.  If you're just getting into highlighting and contouring this contouring palette is my top recommendation.  It is under $5 at the drugstore and the quality is on point!  

While I do like the illuminating palette, I do thing the Fergie Center Stage Collection Shimmer Palettes are much better highlighters.  Plus, there are an assortment of colors in the shimmer palettes.  This Illuminating Palette is not a drugstore must have for me - there is a better option with in the brand, plus Elf has great highlighter options.

Hope this little review was helpful!  I have a ton more products I want to at least mention on the blog!!

What are your drugstore must have items?  Any new releases you're in love with?

xoxo, Moe

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