Three Ways to Use Icon Stickers in your Planner

I have probably claimed another sticker as my favorite sticker, but for today's post - icon stickers are my favorite type of sticker.  They are very versatile (obviously) and I'm hoping I'm not sharing with you something that is so blatantly obvious that you navigate to another page, but I've got three ways I use icon stickers to add a bit of dynamic design to my planner layouts.

The biggest part of a weekly spread for me is the design element.  I like a well balanced design, complimentary colors, well designed patterns....it's weird, but it gives me all the feels.  All the aesthetically pleasing feels!

Over an icon label you won't use
There are always some icon labels that won't be used so put I usually cover whatever icon is on the label with an icon sticker.  It adds a bit of dimension if you use two different colors and makes the label more prominent because of the contrast.  I like to use this in the middle of my vertical columns and not at the bottom where I put my little things as the contrast created adds emphasis and takes away from the sleekness at the bottom of my vertical column.  But that is purely an aesthetic thing.
Over a tear drop or flag sticker for emphasis
In my editorial planner (and in regular every day life) I use an icon over a tear drop sticker as a section break.  Placing the icon up higher on the tear drop will allow for a bit of room to write and identify what the icon may stand for.  Things may be obvious like barbells mean work out, but for me a filming slate may mean to film or to upload that day.  It depends on the icons provided in the kit I'm using or if I just don't have any of a certain type of sticker.
As a header/title label
This is one where I thought I was super creative!  When I was home for the holiday I conveniently didn't bring any of my header stickers - like YouTube, Blog, Shopping, etc.  so I improvised with an icon sticker.  I use a circle sticker from a Simple Stories washi set and then another icon from a Simple Stories icon set to create my headers.  So a camera denoted what to film, a cart was what to buy, etc.  It was a very visual week for me that week!

Sometimes using stickers can be blatantly obvious, but sometimes we can get a little be creative.  (Just a little bit!) I hope this post wasn't too 'duh!' for you and maybe helped with a little bit of inspiration.  Using icon stickers in a consistent way - like one of the three above - gives a little bit more of a cohesive look to a design that may lack unison.  So if all you're icons are on tear drops, no matter the size or style of the icon, you're overall spread will look more put together.  It's all about the balance!!

What is your favorite sticker?  How do you use stickers in a new way?  How do they work best for you?

xoxo, Moe

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