Make it Monday // Three Ways to Bind Your Own Planner

It is almost that time of year!  Time to pick a new planner (if you haven't already) or time to get into planning (because you know you really want to!)  There have been quite a few planner related DIYs on the blog this year but I wanted to do a little bit of a round up for you with 3 ways you can bind your own planner if you're the creative type!

I've made one out of faux leather and fabric but this one is even easier if you have a poly folder.  I've found them at the Dollar Tree of all places! (In cute patterns too!)  
You could even make it from a plastic placemat if you'd like your fauxdori to be a little bit bigger

Using a few loose binder rings and some cut to size covers from a folder or from laminated scrapbook paper is a great way to bind printable planner pages you can find from around the web.  It is also a more affordable option than having one bound or binding your own with a gadget like the Cinch (that I'll mention below!) 
In this DIY I found the binder rings at the Dollar Tree, too!  But craft stores like Hobby Lobby have smaller rings if you don't think your planner will be too thick.  This offers the customization of a ringed planner like a Filofax but is much more affordable!

If you asked for one of these for Christmas, you might want to make one of your first projects binding your own planner!  This is the most recent planner binding DIY shared this month on the blog. 
I love this because you can be very precise on what you need.  If you know what you need just print bind and go!  Perfect planner set up!

You can also find a ton of ways to customize a preexisting planner on the blog too.  Click here!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are gearing up for the New Year!!

Have you chosen your planner yet for 2016?  I'm probably sticking to my six ring, personal sized planners!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I've used binder rings to make my own notebooks. I wish I could "get" traveler's notebooks because it seems like the perfect thing for me.


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