Beauty Review // Bare Minerals Regal Wardrobe

I know I'm a bit late on the holiday palette train...and I don't even know if you can get these eye shadows/blushes apart from this holiday set.  However, when I decided to pick up the Bare Minerals the Regal Wardrobe palette on a whim I was so pleased with myself.  I am always on the hunt for compact, travel make up.  I don't do a lot of traveling but there is something about everything being in one place that makes me want to try a palette out.  
I have to ruin the review for you - I love this palette!  I can't wait to try more Bare Minerals products.  Let's get into the review though:

From the Website
Instantly elevate your wardrobe with this ethereally elegant palette, featuring an expertly coordinated assortment of eye and cheek colors. Choose one of the two included looks, or mix and match for year-round glamour.

A $126 value!

  • bareMinerals READY Bronzer The Skinny Dip (light tan) (0.1 oz)
  • bareMinerals READY Blush The Love Letter (warm mauve), and The Summer Fling (creamy peach) (0.07 oz)
  • bareMinerals READY Luminizer The Brilliant Sunset (array of light) (0.09 oz)
  • bareMinerals READY Eye Shadow in Regal (velvet plum), Treasure Hunt (shimmering taupe), Natural (light buttery peach), Cognac (gilded bronze), Namaste (sandy brown), 500 Thread Count (airy pink), Romp (iridescent lilac), and Flash (matte purple clay) (0.04 oz each)
taken from the Ulta website here.
First Impressions & Application
So, from that little clip from the Ulta website, it looks like you can get these products outside of the Regal Wardrobe palette.  The packaging is what impressed me first.  I love the gilded detail and the feel of the packaging.  It reminds me a little bit of the Lorac travel palettes and packaging style.  I was a little confused about why the mirror folds down over the eyeshadows and then the blush palette folds over the mirror...but now that I think of it, I guess it keeps the two products from mixing.  You don't want purple eyeshadow to get into your pink blush, right?
from left to right Natural (matches my skin tone, so it didn't really show up), Cognac, Namaste, Treasure Hunt
The texture of these products is not a smooth as a Lorac shadow but not as tough as a Revlon shadow (I hope you can get my comparison here!)  It doesn't take a lot of work to pick up the color onto your brushes.  The eyeshadows seem to have a bit more pigment than the blushes - but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  You don't want an big pink swipe on your cheek!

The pans are a decent size, though the blush pans seem to be a little small to fit my Real Techniques Blush Brush into.  I feel like I got a lot of product for my money, though.  Additionally, the set includes a guide to show you how to create two different looks with the included products.  There is sort of a neutral look and sort of a smokey look.
from left to right 500 Thread Count, Romp, Flash, Regal

When I investigated this palette further I realized that I liked it because it was what I wanted the Maybelline Holiday Palettes to be.  A great, on the go, versatile palette that you can throw in a bag and be fine with.  Everything about this palette got a nod from me as I was playing with it!

Wear Time
I'd say the wear time of this is a little above average.  The eyeshadow was still visible on my lids at the end of the day.  I didn't really see any creasing, though it didn't look as freshly applied as it did in the am.  The eyeshadows blended nicely and created a defined look that was visible through out the day.
from left to right The Brilliant Sunset, The Summer Fling, The Skinny Dip, The Love Letter

The blushes had a nice lasting power as well.  I noticed them on my cheeks through out the day but my cheeks lost a little bit of color, like they do with all blushes, by the end of the night.  The highlighter stuck around a decent amount as well.  I loved looking at my cheeks in the bathroom mirror through the day but by the late afternoon, it seemed to be fading away.  The bronzer is a bit orange for me - just not my coloring - so I didn't get too much use out of it.

Overall Impressions & Recommendations
If you can still find this palette I would snatch it up!  I love the compact style of this palette and how great it is for travel.  Honestly, this might be my go to travel palette.  It won't take up too much room in your makeup bag so you could even bring your other favorite travel palette!
The highlight is nice and if you like more rosy pink highlights (think Cindy Loumanizer) see if you can pick up that highlight by itself - it is gorgeous!

Overall I give this palette two very big thumbs up and am so glad to have it in my collection!  I think the idea of adding a how-to guide is great as well. 

Hope you got all the holiday makeup palettes you asked Santa for!  What was on your list?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. This looks great, but not like a must have. That being said, the shame I feel for not getting ANY holiday palettes this year is very, very real.



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