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The other day I threw on something that was so me when I was in college.  I was getting ready for work and decided to try something different - which happened to be a throw back to my college days - I threw on a triangle silk scarf.  I was also wearing a patterned shirt.  Back in college I was all about pattern mixing and there was no shame in my game.  Pattern mixing is still one of my favorite ways to play with fashion. I thought it would be super fun to share two ways to wear this Art School Chic look for work and for play
Art School Chic

Pattern & Color Mixing
The easiest way to pattern mix is to keep it simple - black & white + a colored pattern is a great way to start.  In this set this is done two ways.  A more fitted black and white striped shirt paired with a classy floral scarf in a neutral makes a classy look.  Switch the jeans for a dark fitted trouser for work.  My office is pretty casual, so both of these outfits would work.  For a casual day out look try a baggier shirt tucked in with a light floral infinity scarf and flat booties.  I am also in love with mixing neutrals.  it might be frowned upon to mix brown, black, and navy but if you have a sprinkling of all colors your outfit looks pulled together.

The Essential Bag
Any bag of mine has to hold a lot.  I've currently been loving Steve Madden bags, but when making this little set the bag featured above started it all.  It is a classy upgrade from a well worn thrift store bag I would have carried in college but still big enough to hold everything.  It is big enough to hold a laptop and some notebooks.  Great to stuff my planner in and get to work at a Starbucks.  The dark brown color is a great neutral to pair with a brown or a black outfit.

Upgraded Accessories
Tattered old boots don't really cut it in real life any more so I've been sticking to a nice pair of booties for fall.  A pair in a low heel and a pair in a raised heel give you options for casual or more dressy looks.  I find that brown boots work better for my style and wardrobe than black boots so that is what I look out for the most.  TJ Maxx and Marshall's are great places to find affordable, on trend styles.  Stackable jewelry can also give a classy vibe with simple golds and blacks or a bohemian vibe with more natural tones and wooden bangles.

Hope this little outfit set was inspiring!  I know that I felt a little bit more me when I threw on something I used to wear all the time!

What is an old fashion staple of yours?  Anything you always feel yourself in?

xoxo, Moe

ps. If you want to see some throwback outfits - check out my Let's Talk Fall series from a few years ago!

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