Make it Monday // Classy Coral & Cream Knit Hat

If you haven't been down the crafty aisle at your local Target you need to run there!  If you haven't seen it, there is an aisle (or sometimes 2) with some really fun crafty and creative stuff.  I've seen yarn, washi tape, scrapbooking paper, and other little creative kits.  While this aisle may be aimed at crafty kids - I think it's great for the crafty kid at heart.  The majority of the creative products are under the brand Handmade Modern.
I picked up some fun yarn in a variegated coral and cream & a cream with a little bit of gold because I just knew I needed to have it in my life.  If you haven't noticed, around this time each year I pick back up my knitting and crocheting habit.  It is much easier to make yarny things when it's getting cooler out.  I've never been one to create any summer crochet projects...I just can't get behind them.
Anyway, this past week I sat down and made the easiest knit hat ever.  I shared 2 easy knit hats with out circular needles around this time last year....and this year I going to create the same thing.
If you know how to knit stitch, then you'll know how to make this hat.  You'll be making hat one from the post from last year using the garter stitch.  One of my favorite ways to change up the texture of the project I'm making when I knit is to use two different sized needles.  For this hat I held the two yarns together - both the variegated yarn and the cream/gold yarn - and used one size 10.5 needle and one size 13 needle.  This technique works better sometimes with really crazy yarn to enhance the fun texture but this technique gave a cool bubbly look to the yard from the bigger needle.
Pretty much you just knit a long rectangle - long enough to wrap around your head - then cast off and use the tail to sew it into a tube.  Use the tail to weave around the circumference of one end of the tube then cinch it up.  I also used the leftover yarn to make a huge pom pom.  If you make your hat long enough you can have a super slouchy beanie style or flip the brim up for a more traditional style!

If you're a beginner knitter, this project is super easy to whip up.  And the more fun yarn you use the better it will look.

I hope you pop by your Target to see if you can find this fun yarn!

Hope your fall is shaping up well!

xoxo, Moe

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