Trend Tuesday // Five Eye Palettes for Fall

If there is one thing I love, it's a good rosey pink eye palette.  There are quite a few of all rose gold or all mauvey pink eye palettes in my collection and I can't wait to bust them out for the fall.  Who am I kidding, I'll bust them out any time!  I have however been neglecting my eye palette collection.  For the last few makeup baskets I've posted I've only been using singles or some quads from the drugstore.  I want to break back into some of my most love palettes and bring out some that I've only tried a few times.  Each of these have rosey tones and some great complementary shades to create some great fall looks.
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L'Oreal La Palette Nude 1
I've only busted this one open a few times.  I think I had it in a makeup basket once, previously, but I was impressed.  It is fairly expensive for a drugstore palette (however I would recommend this one over the 10 pan palettes from Maybelline - I've got a review here and a first impressions here).  This palette has an assortment of mattes and shimmer shades - in the perfect combo.  The three matte shades are beautiful blending shades plus a great deep brown that can create a wonderful nude smokey eye.  The lightest shade on the far left is actually a shimmery shade and not matte as the picture makes it look.  Each of the shimmery shades are more like a satin finish where as that lightest shade looks like there's some glittery bits.  Not bad - just not matte and not like the other shimmers!
These pans are huge for any palette and the color payoff is great for a drugstore palette.  The shades can go from subtle to buildable.  If you can get this on a 40% off sale at Ulta or even part of a buy one get one 50% off (make sure you pick up the other La Palette Nude 2 to get on for 50% off!) I'd suggest it.

Lorac Pro 1 Palette
This is a staple palette.  If you ever get the chance to get a Lorac palette - do it!  I have the 1 and the 2 and some other smaller palettes and love the quality of the eyeshadows.  So buttery, so pigmented.  If you're afraid of applying too much eyeshadow you'll need a light hand with this!  The top row is all matte and the bottom row is all shimmer.  These shades do kick up a lot of powder and as you can see the palette gets super messy - I can't keep it clean.
The shades in this palette are great for fall.  Not only is there a mauve matte shade - my favorite blending shade - there's a coper, an orangey color, and I love the gray.  These shades don't blend away easily and you'll get a distinct look between each shade.

Exposed 3
This is a super close dupe to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.  I picked this on up on Groupon in a set of all there Naked palette dupes - Exposed 1, 2, & 3.  This is made by Beaute Basics and really makes me want the Naked 3.  The palettes are actually on Groupon currently, though not in the deal I got but still for a pretty great price.  (Additionally if you sign up for Ebates there is 6% cash back at the time I'm writing this post...hot damn!)  Anyway - this is a go to palette for an all rose gold look.  This palette has 3 matte shades as well - a nice highlight shade, a nice rosey mauve, and a deeper brown-mauve.  The other shades are shimmery, not chunky glitter.
The color payoff is awesome for the price as well.  I would say it is better than the L'Oreal La Palette Nude but not as great as the Lorac Pro.  Very decent for a beginner and way more affordable (if you grab in on a deal!) than the Naked 3.  I was reaching for this palette until I got the smaller version - the Wet n Wild Smoke and Melrose palette from the drugstore (it is great for travel). If you have that in your collection you can totally get a great rosy look as well.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
This palette has a bunch of different tones for fall.  I love the shade that I believe is called Peanut Butter.  It is the burnt orange shade in the middle, on the far left.  There are deeper rosey shades in this palette as well.    There are 5 matte shades - including a large matte highlight shade - and 11 shimmer/glitter shades.  The gold in this palette is to die for and would be a great look for fall.  
If you're into neutrals with a pop of color and shadows that are very easy to work with, this is your palette.  The color payoff is also amazing on these shadows with out blending away.  These can be built upon to get a more intense look and the deeper shades can create a smokey look.

Ulta Rose Gold Palette
This is a new one to hit the drugstore and it is also a take on the Naked 3 style palette.  It is structured almost like the Lorac palette in that the top row is shimmer and the bottom row is matte. This one has a lot of shade similarities to the other palettes listed - there are a few mauve blending shades, a gold, a matte pink, and a great champagne color.  The shade Breathless is a beautiful matte brown.
These shades perform well, too.  They are easy to work with, easy to blend.  They aren't as smooth as the Lorac shadows but perform as well as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, I'd say.  You won't get a multitude of looks with this palette though - the shade range is pretty one dimensional.  You have the lights and then the darks. You can get a distinct natural look and a distinct deeper, smokey look.  Not really the dynamic palette like the others listed but still pretty great for the drugstore!  If you're into being not intimidated - this is a great palette.

I've mentioned before in this post on saving money on cosmetics, but Ebates is the way  to go for saving money on cosmetics online.  Ulta is currently having 3% cash back through Ebates and then if you use the $3.50 off $10 for the drugstore products...you're on your way to saving $$$$.  I'd see if you can find like the Lorac Palette on other sites that may have more cash back through Ebates.  Sign up here.

What do you recommend for Fall?  Any go to looks you have?

xoxo, Moe

*all of these palettes were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.

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