Make it Monday // Create Planner Stickers using Cricut Explore

I've been using my Cricut Explore to create stickers for a few months now and have been asked to share how I do so...since the Cricut isn't the go to for sticker making.  I am one of those people that have always found a way to make things work for me.  If something has limitations, you've got to find a way to work around them.  For example, you may know that PicMonkey is my go to for quick designing and photo editing when I don't want to open up Photoshop.  I've learned to make the limited capacity of PicMonkey work for me and found that you can really do a lot with the simple program.  (See all the PicMonkey tutorials here.)
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That is how I feel about the Cricut Explore and Cricut Design space.  The library of images is expansive, some are free, some are part of yearly or monthly subscription, and some you can purchase individually or as a cartridge (or image collection).  When I purchased my Cricut Explore I got a 3 month trial of the subscription for free but have since purchased my own.  You can subscribe to a monthly plan for $9.99 or a yearly plan for $99.99, both are great deals and totally recommend it! 
Above is a video on how I made simple washing machine stickers using the free images in Design Space!  I also use the slice tool to create my own image using two free images found in the image library.  Super simple to be creative!
The Cricut program doesn't have too much of a learning curve and you can totally make it work for you!  This is how I design a most of my stickers in the shop - I use various images already available and assemble my own.  Take a look here at the stickers already for sale but new stickers will be added this week!

Hope this little screen cast tutorial was helpful!

How do you use Cricut Design Space?  Have you made stickers yet?

xoxo, Moe


  1. Thank you for the video, I think I get it now! You explained it very well. I have watched videos that just confused me more...not that that's hard to do with computer stuff! I love that you used the free shapes, genius! And super cute!

  2. Hi Moe, I just found your blog and I love it! I have had a Cricut Air for a year now and never used it...afraid. I am now reading and watching tutorials before I take the step to make stickers, which I really want to do. I do also have PaintShop X8 Ultimate at home, wondering if I can use it to design stickers as well as PicMonkey and Cricut Design Space, not really sure which to use yet. I do have a question for you. I have purchased various stickers from Etsy shops and many of them are on small sheets. Do you know if those little sticker sheets can be purchased somewhere or are they cut out with the Cricut from a larger piece of paper? Thanks for all the time you take to make all of these tutorials, they are awesome and can't wait to learn more from your site. Tami


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