How to Use DIY Digital Cards in the Project Life App

I haven't done a Project Life post in aaaggeeeess but I was thinking about how I could use the Project Life app...I thought it seemed fun but it didn't seem to suit me.  Then I realized I could use the digital cards I've made on my iPad in the Project Life app!  One of my favorite things to make are journaling cards because it's a small little design that I can whip up to just feel creative.  My favorite way to design on the computer is to use PicMonkey because of all cool overlays available.  You don't even need to upgrade to Royale to be able to make a great design.  I also have a few tutorials on the blog on how to make journal cards on your iPhone or iPad which make it very convenient to import right into the Project Life app.  I'll share those links below - but let's get to it.
Project Life App
The Project Life App is a fun and easy app to use.  You can import from your camera roll or dropbox, there are a variety of page layouts (both the 12x12 and 6x8), you can add journaling, you can add a colored background, you can add rounded corners or not, you can save, share, and send your pages to be printed right from the app.  Its like you don't even need to have your scrapbooking hoard anymore (yeah, said no one ever!)  The app is super convenient and offers quite a few of the Project Life digital kits both for free and for purchase.  They are always adding more kits, too.  I follow on Instagram to see when more are added.

Making Journaling Cards
I have a quite a few tutorials on the blog on making journaling cards - here & here using PicMonkey and here using some apps on the iPad.  There is also a whole list of my favorite overlay apps here.
The biggest tip I have for you making your cards is to play around with multiple apps.  You can make a single card between 2 or 3 (or more) apps to get the best design possible.  You can also find images on apps like Pinterest to use in your layouts.  (Remember though that these things should be for personal use and not for sale)

Using Cards in the App
As long as you have an image on your phone or you iPad you can import it into the Project Life app.  Since you can open from the multiple albums on your phone/pad you can create an album with all your digital cards you've made.
I like to just sit down sometimes and make random little cards with random little apps and add them to an album.  If you don't want to store all these cards on your phone, upload them to Dropbox to free up memory on your device.

Printing your Layout
The Project Life App allows you to export your layout to your camera roll at either the 12x12 inch or 8x8 inch (if you're doing the standard square layout) that way you can save your image for later printing or uploading.  The app also keeps the pages you've completed for later printing.  You can print to your own printer wirelessly or you can order prints through the app.  Of course, you can also share through Instagram as well!

I think that the Project Life app is another fun way to be creative on your iPad or phone especially if you like to play around with designs.  If you create your journaling cards and want to print them instead of use them digitally, email them to yourself or upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive and then print them from your computer.  Here is a post on how I use Picasa to print 3x4 journal cards and photos.

How do you get creative on your tablet or phone?  Are you a fan of different overlay apps?  Any collage apps to recommend for creating scrapbooking layouts too?

xoxo, Moe

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