Free Journaling Cards January 2015

I am oh so very late with the journaling cards this month.  I'd actually forgotten that I didn't do some for January when I sat down to do the cards for February!  These cards are all black and white because I can't wait to color my year with so many things.  I feel like we can start off fresh anytime but the new year always speaks to me.  
They were also sort of inspired by Saved by the Bell!  I loved the TrashHand font for free on PicMonkey and decided to pair the hand written font with the tall and skinny Tall Dark And Handsome font also available for free on PicMonkey.  I love the simplicity of these cards - all they include are two fonts and a geometric shape.  All part of the free options from PicMonkey.  If you want to learn how to design your own cards with PicMonkey, check out this post.
Download the free .PDF here.  Remember to play nice - these are for personal use so don't resell or claim them as your own.  Additionally, pin this post and not the direct link to the printable.  Thanks!

View all free journaling cards here.

xoxo, Moe


  1. Love these cards. I am wanting to start a finance journal/folder this month! I always love all the free inserts you provide. I am also starting up a PUBLIC blog this year, after 4-5 years of private blogging!


  2. Love these, thank you so much for sharing your cards!


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