Wednesday Decor // Renovation Staring Again

Around this time two years ago we started the renovation on our bottom floor. We took a two bay garage and turned it into a pretty awesome living room & office combo, separated by a gorgeous hand built bookshelf. Well, we're at it again! We've started to tear apart the top floor were the old living room used to be.
We've torn up the carpet, padding, and tack strips and Zach has begun trying to move some of the electrical around. I think that we've learned a lot from our first go round with the downstairs but the upstairs might be a bit of a challenge. We want to move the door to our current bedroom over to give some more room to the othe room we're adding on. We need to do that and erect about 4 or 5 walls to extend the dining room, add a hallway, and add a closet to the new bedroom. It's going to be a challenge working with existing skylights and a slanted ceiling!

At the end of it all we hope to have a less awkward set up and have a three bedroom house. So much room for activities. I have to say that having a huge house is so very helpful for all the things that Zach & I are into. We do too many things and having a tiny little house would not cut it. When he was originally looking at houses, he found a 5 bedroom house and boy did I imagine all the space we'd have to do all the things we like to do. But three bedrooms is just enough I believe, maybe Emrys will have his own room and his own bed. What do you think? Wish us luck!

xoxo, Moe

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