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I finally found it guys! The new 2014 Wet n Wild Enchanting Halloween Looks collection. I had been searching for ages to find it. Went into every Walgreens when I'd first heard about the sightings but none seemed to have it. They had the Fantasy Makers stuff but not the official Wet n Wild collection. I have to admit I am a bit crazy for Wet n Wild and I grabbed up everything that looked promising to me. The biggest thing I was excited about were the other neutral palettes from the line. I grabbed those and one of the gray palettes! Side note: does anyone else feel guilty after raiding a fresh display? The picture I posted on Instagram was after I'd taken the last of the limited edition things I wanted. Sometimes I feel guilty when I clean out a display but I also feel victorious when I know I've gathered all the things I wanted!
The Lipsticks
First off when I was grabbing up the lipsticks and looking at the bottom for the names, I saw one labeled Urban Night which instantly reminded me of the shade Urban Nights from the LE Matte Collection.  Originally I'd skipped over it but after I took the swatches below, and after hearing that it is in fact different, I went to grab it.  Nope.  They are pretty much the same....so don't sweat your head.
I grabbed up the colors Rose to Fame, Coming in Latte, Rose-Bud, Sunset Stripped, & Tangelinos.  All of these colors except for Rose-Bud are LE colors for this collection. If you don't already know this - Wet n Wild is the go to drugstore lipstick for an affordable and long lasting lip color. While some can be a little drying where else are you going to get a bright orange lipstick for under $2? These did not disappoint. The color Sunset Stripped impressed me the least but if you're going for golden lips for a halloween look, honey you've got to try it...even when it disappoints I'm not that disappointed.
Swatched left to right: 
Rose to Fame, Coming in Latte, Rose-Bud, Sunset Stripped, & Tangelinos

My favorite color out of the bunch was Coming in Latte because that brown tone is all the rage right now. It's also not that drying and has a little bit of shine. I rarely find that these black packaged lipsticks have any shine to them but this one is a perfect pout!

The BalmStains
If you haven't tried the Wet n Wild BalmStains you're also missing out on a great product. In the Halloween display there are three limited edition BalmStains and at first I only grabbed two (the two I have swatched for you) but after I took these swatches I decided to keep on the hunt and was able to find 2AM Call Time!  I'll have that in another post with my 4 fave Purple lips for Fall.
The colors I was able to grab are Señorita and You're Golden, the third is 2am Call Time. When I swatched Señorita, immediately I was in love. Talk about a deep berry red for fall. This one is so glossy and the plus side of these lip colors is that they stain. However, You're Golden really, really freaked me out. When I saw the initial display, I thought this one would be a nice nude - but boy was I wrong. Honestly I didn't even look at it in the packaging I just snapped up all the LE things I knew I wanted! 
But it is, as you can see in the swatch a beautiful champagne color that would probably be best suited to an eye color. However, this is a Halloween collection so I can't be too disappointed because if you were going for like a robot, futuristic kinda vibe, this would be a great lip color.

The 5-Pan Eyeshadows
The collection had a total of 5 Limited Edition 5-Pan Palettes in the display, I only picked up 3 because I knew those would be the ones I would use. I also read on Nouveau Cheap that Wet n Wild has reformulated their 5-pan palettes to have a similar texture to the old trios and 8-pan palettes. This started with the 2014 Fall Collection (I have a review on two palettes from the collection here.)
I picked up Haute Hollywood, East Side Enigma, and A Karat in the world. The two neutral palettes were the ones I was gunning for but I really wanted to branch out with out being too colorful so I grabbed up East Side Enigma.
I accidentally switched them around here! A Karat in the World, East Side Enigma, and Haute Hollywood.
Now I have to say I was quite surprised to find that Haute Hollywood and the permanent 5-pan palette The Naked Truth are exactly the same shades. In the store I was a little skeptical they would turn out to be the same and instead of just walking over to the permanent display and comparing I threw it in my basket.  And I believe I was disappointed in the palette The Naked Truth - it was fine to have in my bag if I needed something but not great enough to really recommend.  I think I sent it a long to my sister though because I can't find the palette to show you the comparisons.
 A Karat in the World
 swatched left to right: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid, Crease
 East Side Enigma
 swatched left to right: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid, Crease
Haute Hollywood
 swatched left to right: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid, Crease

The formula of these is amazing and does very much remind me of the original palette/trio formula.  Smooth, pigmented, easy to blend....we're back to what we know & love from Wet n Wild!  However of these three palettes there is at least one miss shade.  You can see from the swatches that the bright gold and sort of cream, opalescent color from A Karat in the Wold swatch patchy and flaky.  Same with the base shade of both the East Side Enigma and the Haute Hollywood palettes.  But these are still pretty affordable.

All in all I am not disappointed with this collection.  This is the biggest collection I've seen from Wet n Wild in a while.  There are also Limited Edition lashes, lip glosses, eye pencils, and nail polishes...so this collection is huge!

What did you grab from the collection? Anything you were dying to have?

xoxo, Moe

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