Favorite Fall/Winter Lipsticks

First off, it is cold as crap here in Indiana......I just turned the heat on this weekend. Secondly, one of my favorite parts of fall are all the deep lipsticks you can bust out. Of course you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want...but I like to wear darker lips in the Fall. Here are my favorite colors:

The Nudes/Pinks
from left to right:  Model Co. Dusk Til Dawn, Wet n Wild LE Coming in Latte, Revlon Matte Mauve it Over, Hikari Cabernet, Maybelline Matte Lust for Blush, Wet n Wild LE Rose to Fame.

For the Fall, deeper nudes a pinky-nudes are what I'm into.  I'm really digging the brownish colored lip trend as well!  I pulled out some oldie but goodie lip colors from my collection like the Model Co lipstick I got in a Birchbox or Ipsy bag last year.  It is a wonderful sheer, shiny nude.  It smells a little fruity, too.  Coming in Latte is something you need to go grab up if you can find the Wet n Wild Halloween collection!! It is a beautiful deep, brown nude that looks beautiful on the lips.  It has just the right amount of glossiness to it but it will stick around all day.  The lasting power of the Wet n WIld lipsticks is amazing.  I have worn this color a lot to work!  Revlon's Mauve it over is a lighter nude that be a staple in Summer to transition into Fall.  And it is matte so that gives you a different texture to work with, too.

If I'm looking to go the pink route I've found that berry-pink-mauve route is the way to go.  FIrst is a lip color I could have sworn was red when I pulled it out of my Ipsy bag this month.  Additionally, when I wore it I thought it was red.  Clearly, I was wrong!  It is more of a berry-mauve color and depending on the pigmentation of your lips could come off a bit darker.  I've also fallen for the Maybelline matte line and this color Lust for Blush is a nice dusty pink for fall.  Finally, Rose to Fame - another Limited Editon color - is a part of the Halloween collection from Wet n Wild as well.  It comes off semi-matte and is very comfortable to wear on the lip.  It is a nice brown-rose color that is on trend as well.
The Reds
from left to right Wet n Wild LE BalmStain in Senorita, Wet n Wild Cinnamon Spice, Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb, Revlon Fifth Avenue Red, Revlon Really Red

Deeper red lip colors are also something I look forward to in the fall.  Of course, as we move into Winter, they become a holiday outfit staple.  Who doesn't love a festive red lip?  When I first saw this LE BalmStain from Wet n Wild (also in their Halloween display) I knew instantly it would be great to create that blood-red-lip for halloween.  It looks a bit more berry here, but it totally creeps me out for Halloween.

As for deeper, brick reds, I'm in love with Cinnamon Spice and Cherry Bomb from Wet n Wild.  Each have a semi-matte finish and as you can tell, each is just a teeny bit different.  Cinnamon Spice is more brick red and Cherry Bomb is a little bit more of a purple red.  If you have a darker complexion you will be surprised how flattering these would be.  (Another shade in this range would be Urban Nights or Urban Night)

Going for a traditonal red that would be beautiful for the Holiday season I have pulled out two options.  If you were able to pick up Fifth Avenue Red from Revlon back in the Summer, pull it out again because it is a wonderful red color for Fall.  Slightly shiny and a little more blue toned means your teeth will look whiter.  If you're looking for a more orange-red, this matte color Really Red by Revlon.  It is a bright red that would be great for any holiday party.

The Purples/Plums
from left to right Wet n Wild Viscious Varnish in Throwing Shade, Wet n Wild LE BalmStain in 2AM Call Time, Maybelline Vivid in Brazen Berry, Wet n Wild Ravin Raisin, Wet n Wild LE Matte Bordeaux Boulevard, Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Ferguson Crest Cabernet

The purples and the plums are my favorite part of Fall so I saved the best for last!  First off I want to mention the Wet n Wild Viscious Varnish High Shine Lip Stain.  Not only are nearly all the shades in this line wonderfully pigmented, glossy, and long lasting but they are comfortable to wear and they are the affordable alternative to the Revlon Moisture Stains. (I'll have a comparison up on the blog shortly!)  The color I love for fall is Throwing Shade.  It's a nice berry color with a lot of gloss.  Another glossy shade, that lasts long, that is also a deep purple is another LE BalmStain called 2AM Call Time.  Pick this up in the Halloween 2014 collection as well!  I loooooove the smoothness of this lip color and the ease of which it applies.  The final purple shade is something that I keep out nearly all year round - it is a Maybelline Vivid lipstick in Brazen Berry and it is a true light purple shade.  It has an opaque color and depending on the pigment of your lips it may come off darker.

For a rich plum look I chose one permanent color - Ravin Raisin - and one LE color - Bordeaux Boulevard - to compare.  I love each of them for different reasons.  Ravin Raisin is a part of the permanent line of Wet n WIld lipsticks but it is less purple.  Bourdeaux Boulevard is part of the LE Fall Matte Collection and is a little more purple.  I actually find that these matte lipsticks have a nice, creamy application and applies better than the permanent line.  They are more comfortable to wear and are semi-matte.  The creaminess gives them a slight gloss and I find that they are less matte than some of the permanent shades.  Finally, a deep berry-purple is Fergie's Ferguson Crest Cabernet.  This was one of the first dark lip colors I'd ever purchased and I loved it.  It might have been the catalyst for this whole post!

As you can see there are a lot of Wet n Wild lipsticks in this post.  They are so affordable & so pigmented you can try as many colors as you like with out breaking the bank!  And when they come out with LE collections...you should totally go crazy!

What are your favorite lip colors for this time of year?

xoxo, Moe


  1. I am in love with the Bordeaux Boulevard shade. Can you suggest any dupes?

  2. I love these by wet and wild: cherry bomb, Ferguson crest cabernet , ravin raison, vamp it up and mochalicious for fall.

    I also love heroine, cherish and smoked purple by mac


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