All of a Sudden, Summer Collapsed into Fall

I can't believe the summer is over. Really I can't. It seem just yesterday the yard was filled with fireflies. Really, honestly there were hundreds of glowing insects all over. July was my favorite month this summer because it just looked like I'd stepped on a movie set with all the glowing bugs! (I talked about my summer memories more in this post, if you want to read.)
But all of a sudden chilly weather is upon us here in north west Indiana and while I can't get enough I'm also a little bit sad that Summer faded away! It seemed like as soon as it hit September 1st the air got crisper. I was half expecting leaves to be on the ground by September 10th but honestly they've just begin to fall. They are turning the most beautiful shades of red & yellow. I can't believe that it is already the start of October! This month (October) marks our 3rd anniversary of being together and our 2nd anniversary of being in our house, annnnnnnd we embark on finally working on the upstairs! We have a big dumpster in our driveway, have yanked up the carpet, padding, and tack strips and are getting ready to go for it. It is going to be another long journey but the end will be very awesome. We are adding a 3rd bedroom to the upstairs in the area that used to be the old living room. So there are walls that need to be put up, outlets that need to be moved, etc and it's going to be a lot of work.

I also just bought a car! I mean a brand new car (and I'm not trying to brag) but I'm pretty proud of myself for making such a big decision. I hate (hate) making huge decisions. Though I've always considered myself pretty good at accepting change, I don't think I'm very good at making changes myself. I like things to be the way they always have been - the only big change or big decision I made with very little hesitation was moving up to be with Zach. But I like things to be the way they always have been and I think I'd fallen pretty hard for him and I'm pretty sure that's worked out for the best. But when it comes to decisions I don't like many choices. Buying a car is FULL OF CHOICES. I was telling my friend that the reason I chose Apple over an Adroid phone is because there are so fewer choices - the only choice is the color. Same for computer, I just have to choose small, medium, or large (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac). With Android you have to not only decide color but brand, and there are a lot of brands. Nope, I want it simple - Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry. Buying a car was hard becuase not only do you have to decide on car - make, model, style, price range - but you're pulled in different directions by different institutions. I like that all my other car decisions were made for me because this one was really hard. And I had to do it with in a week and had to do it with out Zach here. It was scary and stressful.

All of a sudden we're in this time of change. I've never felt fall creep up on me like this before and it really feels like Summer just collapsed into fall.  If you feel that all of a sudden Summer collapsed into Fall, too then you can have this image free in three different formats:

Download the 8x10 print here, the 3x4 journal card here, and the iPhone 5/5s background here.

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Summer sounds beautiful where you are and YOU BOUGHT A CAR!!! Congrats! Congrats on being with your boyfriend for almost three years too.

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