Coastal Scents Revealed Palette Review

Happy review time again!  Today I want to share some thoughts on a really awesome eyeshadow palette for you today - the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette.  This is a palette that is super affordable & very comparable to the Naked palettes from Urban Decay.  I love this palette because of the colors & because its so slim it's easy to travel with!
From the Website
Smooth powdered shadows.  Easy to blend.  Slim palette with twenty shadows.  Not too much info from the website there but they have quite a few pictures!  Information taken from the Coastal Scents website here.
First Impression & Application
This palette arrives in a cardboard box (a thinner cardboard box, like a standard little protective box) & the palette itself is made of thicker cardboard, something reminiscent of the Naked Palette or the Lorac Pro palette.  A stiff, durable cardboard that makes the packaging slim yet protected.  This cardboard can get dinged up from traveling but its not going to fall apart.  Additionally there is a strong magnetic closure for being a cardboard palette!  I'm not worried about this popping open in my makeup bag.  There is no mirror in this palette which disappointed me when I opened it because there's a huge surface area for it.  There is a plastic protector over the top of the shadows that you can keep in the palette or remove.  There are no color names however.  The twenty shadows come in two rows, are set in metal pans, and set into the cardboard.  They are pretty close together but the pans are big enough that you're not going to cross contaminate the colors.  Of the twenty colors 5 are matte - a nice beige highlight, 3 medium brown blending or crease shades, and one dark matte black.  The rest are shimmery.  (When I look for a palette matte blending & highlight shades are the keys - see my what to look for in an eyeshadow palette video here.)

As for application, these shadows are all very smooth.  They blend nicely together too.  I love using this palette because it's nearly effortless to get an awesome look.  All of the neutral shadows can give you a multitude of wonderful looks.  Since there are twenty shades it's most comparable to having a set with both the types of colors from the Naked & Naked 2 palettes.  The top row has warmer colors & the bottom row has cooler colors.  You can layer, blend & pack on color until you're hand hurts.

Wear Time
I find that these eyeshadows were wonderfully with a good primer.  I can go for the most part of a day at work (about 8 hours) with the color on my lids.  Around the 6-7 hour mark they start to be noticeably fading & creasing.  Not in a bad way.....actually if you're looking at yourself in the mirror the color is still noticeable but a little faded in the crease.  The colors are vibrant and really impress me with their wear time.
Here you can see the shimmer coming out in that copper color

Overall Impression & Recommendations
This palette is super versatile & great for travel.  If you love neutral shadows but you don't want to pay for Urban Decay's Naked palettes, this is a great option.  The colors are vibrant, easy to blend, & the lasting power is pretty impressive.  You can get a variety of looks from this single palette and recreate any looks you've seen done with the Naked palettes.  And at $19.95 (but it's often on sale, sign up for Coastal Scents emails!) it is ridiculously cheaper that two of the Naked palettes!

Purchase you're Revealed palette here.

xoxo, Moe

**This product was purchased with my own money & I wasn't compensated for this review**

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