Make It Monday // Boho Crochet Summer Bag

I've finally picked up my crochet hook again!  Sometimes I am just so uninspired to create things that I don't even try.  Lately I've been looking up crochet bags on Pinterest & pinning a lot for inspiration.  I want to crochet more in the coming months & have challenged myself to make 7 bags before the end of the summer.  I don't know if I'll use them but they are fun & quick to make.  If you're a pretty fast/experienced crocheter you can make this bag in about 3-4 hours!  On Saturday I posted a picture on instagram that I finished the cream colored bag in this post - then on Sunday I got up around 7:30am and finished a second one by 11am.  The second one has bright, beachy colors that remind me of summer!  This bag is super easy - here's how I made it.
Supplies: worsted weight yarn (like Red Heart), size J hook, granny square pattern of your choice.  This project is great to do with scrap yarn - the cream one I used a 1 lb skein that they sell at Joanne's (but you might be able to use one regular Red Heart skein) and the more colorful one was a bunch of scrap yarn I had on hand.  It doesn't take too much yarn to make.

Firs I made up a granny square pattern as I went but you can use a pattern you might love or one you want to try out.  Pinterest has loads of patterns & you probably have a granny square pattern book lying around.  You don't want the pattern too have too many open parts but it should have an interesting enough pattern to look fun in a solid color.  After I crocheted my granny square I added 4 rounds of single crochet to the outer edge making sure I still made crisp corners by doing a sc-ch1-sc combo once I reached the corners.  This will give the bag more solid parts as well as make it sturdy & hold it's shape.  If there are too many holes not only with your stuff fall through but you may end up making a floppy bag.
Next, fold your granny squares in half to make three triangles like in the photo above.  Sew the triangles together.  It might help to lay out your work as your sewing to make sure you're sewing the right pieces together.  The shape of this bag can make it confusing.  I also made sure to put all my tails at the back of the bag so the stitches in the front would match up better & you wouldn't see where each round was joined.
For the cream bag, I braided 30 strands of yarn together to make a thicker strap with some fluffy tassels.  When it came to the strap for the multi color bag, I crocheted a chain with two strands of my yarn held together.  You want to make a sturdy/thick chain because it will stretch once the bag is filled with stuff.  I always try to use a little less than I think I need so it doesn't stretch too much, making the bag unwearable.  For these, I made them cross body bags but you could make a shorter strap.
I left mine unlined because I plan on using these for beach outings or little trips...not as my everyday purse!  But you could hand sew a lining into this purse if you want.

I looovvveee the multi colored one!  So fun for summer!  To me it's a little patriotic looking - so perfect for the 4th of July I guess.  But both of these would be great for any little warm weather outing your planning.  These stretch as well so if you were going to a farmer's market or outdoor fair you can stuff these full of fun goodies.

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Those look awesome and my word you must be a super quick crocheter!

  2. You don't mention what size your pictured granny squares ares are??????????????????


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