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Ever since leaving school formally, it's been weird not having assignments or things to be completed.  Blogging sort of gives me something to complete - thinking up and writing out posts - but for the most part I'm not learning anything new.  Zach & I will go to museums & sometimes little workshop/class type of things but nothing that requires studying or developing something.  And sometimes it's a discouraging not having someone to teach you - have you ever tried to teach yourself something?  It's hard if you don't have someone passionate about it teaching you!  However, I've got a great resource for learning (and I'm sure you do to!) it's an iPad/iPhone! I know others of you may have Android devices so I will try to link to these if they are available on your device in this post as well.  Here are some great apps for learning something new or just brushing up on something old:

This is one of my current favorite apps!  I've only been using it for a short time but I've been loving the game style of learning a new language.    I took French in high school & college but it's a little rusty and I want to get better.  Chose from French, Spanish, German, Italian, and a few more.  Learn at your own pace by setting a goal & learning with fun and easy activities.  I like it because it's easy to pick up quick and get a short session in.  Oh, this app is totally free....forever.  Learn more & download it for Apple & Android here.  Don't have a fancy smart phone or tablet?  Use Duolingo online as well!

This is the app that started the idea for this post!  We went to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago and there we played with a little interactive period table.  You can create different compounds and chemical reactions by dragging elements from the periodic table into the Reaction Area.  There you'll create & learn about different reactions, chemical compounds, etc.  Learn how the periodic table is set up & about each of the 118 elements!  Download for Apple here and for Android here.  This app is also free.

Star Walk
This is one of the first learning apps I ever downloaded but I haven't played with in a long while.  You can look up at the night sky from the comfort of your bedroom, making an fun bedtime routine.  You can also reveal the amazing heavens as you lay on your back in your yard or while camping.  Learn about constellations above you and how they look from all over the world by pointing the device towards the ground to see a point of view from the other hemisphere.  Use the scale on the screen called Time Machine to see how the sky looked yesterday or thousands of years in the past.  Download Star Walk for Apple here ($2.99) and for Android here ($3.17).

Intended for students this quiz based problem solving app gives you math questions at your fingertips.  I'm horrible with multiplication tables so this app is a great way to quiz myself & brush up.  Great for any kids in the household too as they can start from as low as kindergarten level & work up.  Don't worry, no calculus in this app (if thats what you're wanting to learn, I found this for Android & this for iPhone - but a better search my lead to more).  Download from Apple here ($4.99) and for Android here ($4.99). 

If you want to brush up on your Art History or never knew the difference between Van Gough & Toulouse Lautrec - this app will show you who's who.  Read artist biographies, see examples of their work, and save & email images.  Options to go to online sites to learn more will give you Art History at your finger tips.  If you're interested in learning about artists, their work, and different periods in Art History the subject is at your finger tips.  An easy going way to learn a new subject.  Download for $0.99 from Apple here.  Alternative is Art Academy from Android for free here.

I know it's coming on that time for school breaks & I just feel like summer is a time where you sort of put off learning because you're too busy catching some rays.  All of these apps will help you learn something new in a few minutes a day.  Keep your brain fresh guys!

xoxo, Moe

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