Rimmel Stay Matte BB Cream, Mouse Foundation, & Primer Review

Today's review is going to be on 3 semi-new Rimmel London products that I just adore.  I have to say that Rimmel foundation is my favorite foundation from the drug store.  It all started with the 25 Hour Lasting Finish foundation that I picked up a long while ago when I was looking for an affordable foundation after I graduated from college.  Seriously, two years ago my make up collection consisted of that foundation, the Stay Matte Powder, mascara, & a L'Oreal blush.  Now I have drawers on drawers (on drawers) of make up.  So anyway onto the review of three products in one post!
From the Website:
BB Cream - Packed with matte perfecting benefits resulting in gorgeous & shine free skin.  Minimizes appearance of pores, evens skin tone, controls shine.  Lightweight formula perfect for combo oily skin.  Soothes, conceals dark circles, & helps prevent blemishes.

Stay Matte Foundation - Light & oil free formula with an airy mousse texture.  Won't feel heavy or greasy.  Provides all day shine control & blends for a natural matte finish.  Minimizes pore appearance.

Stay Matte Primer - Ultra lightweight formula that minimizes pore appearance.  Controls shine for up to 8 hours.  Won't feel heavy or greasy.

Information taken from the Rimmel Website here.

First Impressions:
BB Cream - My very first impression of this was 'oh my goodness, this is awesome.'  For me this BB cream is all I wanted the original Rimmel BB Cream to be.  It's more of a foundation & offers a lot of coverage.  I would say it's at least medium & buildable.  I love how runny it is which makes it very light weight for everyday wear.  The squeeze tube is nice as well since you can control the amount o product and it's more sanitary. I like applying this with my Beauty Blender the best & I think that any sponge would be great.  A brush makes this a bit streaky for me.  As I've used this however, I've noticed that it does oxidize on the back of my hand while I'm applying it to my face.  I haven't noticed looking orange during the day though.

Stay Matte Foundation - If you like the Revlon Color Stay Whipped but it's a bit too runny for you (yea right) this is for you.  This product is very, very thick.  It doesn't apply well with a sponge & I've found a brush like the Real Techniques Buffing Brush works well with this.  It's very thick so a sponge doesn't do well blending it around.  The greater shade range means you'll find a better match to your skin tone & I haven't found that it oxidizes on me.  This also has medium, buildable coverage & I really like it for full coverage days.

Stay Matte Primer - This primer is thick as well.  If you're familiar with the Rimmel 001 primer that has more of a lotion type feel then this one will be familiar to you.  Its much thicker than the 001 primer but it's white & feels lotion like.  My first impression of this primer wasn't a good one.  I didn't like the consistency & how thick it felt on my face.  It also doesn't play well with the Stay Matte foundation, which I thought was weird.
Wear Time:
BB Cream - I don't get a long wear time out of this one.  I'm looking for a foundation to go the distance & last up to, if not past the 8 hour mark.  Around 5 or so hours in you can definitely see it's not the same as when it was first applied.  I notice the break down in my t-zone and just an over all look of the BB Cream looks like worn down make up.

Stay Matte Foundation - This one lasts pretty long into the day on me.  It does wear off in my t zone, but I haven't found a foundation that doesn't.  I think I get to about the 6 hour (ish) mark with this one.  I think with this one it will depend on your primer & your skin type since this is so thick.  If you have a good time with the Revlon Color Stay Whipped, you'll probably have a good time with this.

Stay Matte Primer - It's hard to tell with a primer how long it lasts.  I guess if it keeps your foundation on then it's doing it's job.  I will say that this primer doesn't play well with the thickness of the Stay Matte Foundation.  Pair this with a more liquid foundation & use as little as possible - but it still might not work (I used this with the Elf Acne Fighting Foundation & it was a big no).  To me, honestly, I think all primers work the same.  There are some that are horrible & this isn't one of my favorites.  I'm going to call this one on personal preference here - this primer is thick & feels like a thicker lotion, it's not my favorite texture.  If you don't like that sort of thing, you wont' like this.

Overall Impression & Recommendations:
In the photo above you can see the swatches blended out a little.  You can also see how frosting like the Stay Matte Primer is here.  The Stay Matte Foundation also shows the mousse texture in the swatch.  You can see how full coverage it is & can be.  Also this one leans more yellow.  All of these swatches look like they don't quite match my skin but I promise they do!  I didn't want to blend it so much where you couldn't tell!  Anyway, the BB Cream is definitely orange.  You can see here how much orange it leans.  It's too bad that there are only 3 colors but man I do love this BB Cream because of it's foundation consistency.  I don't like the lotion like feeling of the original BB Cream.

BB Cream - This is my favorite BB Cream.  I love the coverage, the SPF, the texture, etc but it's a shame it leans orange and that it only comes in three colors.  I wear this on days when I want an easy look as it's easy to blend out and create a simple look with.  Do I think it's necessary? No.  Is it the BB Cream I will repurchase? Probably.  It's got coverage, for a BB cream, so that's what I want.  Overall I love Rimmel for the price but I think that this is actually a more expensive product from this line - and the 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation from Rimmel is just as good, has few more colors, & doesn't oxidize.  So it's not the end all, be all here.

Stay Matte Foundation - I love this foundation because it's more affordable than the Revlon Color Stay Whipped & has nearly the same effect.  It's a bit thicker, to me, but for significantly less than the Revlon Color Stay Whipped & in better packaging.  The squeeze tube is better & it's more travel/user friendly.  So, if you're a fan of the Color Stay Whipped I suggest trying this out because it's at a lower price point.  It might be a good alternative for you.  Actually, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I chose Rimmel after college because it was affordable & amazing.  The 25 Hour Lasting Finish foundation replaced my Revlon Color Stay after college (even in college I couldn't justify the $13 on a foundation!) so it's a good brand at an affordable price.

Stay Matte Primer - If you been on the hunt for a primer & no other primer has worked for you maybe you should try this out...but probably not.  It's rather thick.  It might work as a mattifying product - if you just where it alone it might be something for you.  But as a primer, I would suggest skipping it.  Honestly.  The Rimmel 001 primer in the white tube with the blue top is much, much better.

Well, that was a lot of info on these three products!  But I wanted to include them all together since they are part of the same sort of release here in the states.  Over all Rimmel is a great brand to try new things from.  They are affordable so if you feel adventurous you're not shelling out the big bucks.  You can also find a great selection at Walgreens but I found my Matte BB Cream at Meijer.

What are your thoughts on Rimmel as a brand?  How do you like their new releases? Did the primer work for you??

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I used to love rimmel and use them during our time in the US and even before in Germany as well. Unfortunately the brand was discontinued here in Germany but I do look forward to being able to use it once we are back in the US. Great review, Moe! Thanks xxx

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  3. Great review, I've been wondering how the new matte BB is. I have a love/hate relationship with the original, so maybe I'll invest in this new one :)

  4. Thanks for the review. I am so getting the Rimmel Stay Matte BB cream and the primer. <3


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