Four Simple Goals for March 2014

Hello March goals!  Earlier this week I shared how I didn't get too much done when it came to my goals but I did get other things done.  The aim of this project for me is to being constantly moving forward & not just sitting around being complacent.  So, if things change I'm fine with that - I just want to challenge myself.

Pick out artwork for the living room & by my desk
Off & on Zach and I will talk about artwork for the living room...but it doesn't go any further than that.  I'd like to start hanging somethings on the wall.  We've decided on a theme for each main wall but we haven't actually picked anything out.  I think it's finally time.  I'm also going to start hanging things on my little wall space by my desk.  This is the place where I can be as creative as I want.  I'm hanging things here for me.  I have a few ideas for a changeable gallery wall but who knows.

Organize the Kitchen Cabinets
If you missed it, I posted an affordable organization haul on my YouTube channel that you should check out.  I already used some of those things to over haul a much used kitchen cabinet by the stove but now it's time to tackle under the sink & hopefully some of the other cabinets - who know's whats in there, honestly.

Film YouTube videos regularly
I'm trying to keep to a schedule of a video every Thursday but getting one in there on Sundays is going to be a goal too.  I love filming & I think I've found the best export settings for my videos.  They are coming out in much higher quality so I'm not discouraged.  The camera I use is an old FlipVideo cam with an hour of storage & short battery life!  But it's working.  I try to film when Zach is gone but it's the ideas that get me.  I need more!

Use our Free Movie Tickets
Movies are expensive!  And we like to see movies but we haven't seen one in ages.  We've got some free movie & drink/popcorn tickets.  So we need to get those used!  I'm not sure of what's coming out this month so who knows what we'll see.

So, those are my goals for this month - hopefully I'll get through them!

What are you planning to do for March?  Anything exciting you're working towards?

xoxo, Moe

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