Revisiting March's Four Simple Goals

What is up Spring!? I'm sooooo glad it's officially Spring - well that the calendar says it is Spring, it's still pretty chilly out & I think it's snowed a little two times this past week.  Today I am revisiting my March Four Simple Goals and I did much better this month.  Last month I fell very short when it came to this little project.  Here's an update on my goals:

Pick out artwork for the living room & for by my desk
We've made a start on this!  We don't have it all figured out just yet but we have an idea.  We're working on a gallery wall for the wall section by the book shelf between the shelf & the window and we want a giant propaganda type poster on the wall on the other side of the window.  The gallery wall is going to be sort of a cabinet of curiosities type of theme.  Zach's already picked up a little display of plant fossils & we already know the kinds of diagrams we want, so it's a work in progress!  I don't want to put this off forever though - I want to get somethings hung!

Organize the kitchen cabinets
Yes! So much yes!  I got started on this but I tackled the biggest things I wanted to - under the kitchen sink, the junk drawer, my drawer with my checks, stamps, and important paperwork, and one of our drawers that holds the straws, etc, and Zach's drawer with his checks, house stuff, & important papers.  I still have a few cabinets to do & papers to organize but I made a big impact on the drawers/cabinets we open regularly.  I can't believe how clean under our kitchen sink is.  I'm loving this finding a place for everything mentality.  I sort of slacked last week & paid for it with cleaning last weekend.

Film YouTube videos regularly
I'm trying to keep an upload schedule of Sundays & Thursdays and so far so good.  You can watch the video from the image above here (and don't forget to subscribe!).  I'm not putting too much pressure on myself though.  I'm filming what I want & making sure I'm liking what I'm editing.  I think next up is going to be a hair care video, a video on cleaning my make up brushes, I want to do an kitchen organization tour, too.  I'm having fun just doing what I want.

Use our free movie tickets
We've used one set so far but we've still got one more weekend in March so we might use our second set - the expire on 3/31!  We also had coupons for free popcorn & drinks - too bad Zach doesn't drink fizzy stuff, we'll have left over coupons!   Hopefully we'll use the next set and I can pass off the coupons to a family behind us.

So there you have it!  A lot of things were accomplished this month!  So excited to get into the goals for next month.  At the start of this I tried to list out the goals I wanted to do this whole year but now that I'm looking at what I've accomplished, what I need to do, and what has changed I'm going to have to reevaluate what can be done each month.  But I'm loving getting a lot of things done!  You can read all the Four Simple Goals posts here.

What have you done this month?  Let me know you accomplishments!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I love updates on goal lists, always motivating. I'll be publishing some updates sometime this week. So many goals, I'm crazy ;D


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