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Sometimes I neglect instagram.  I'll post zero pictures for 3 days then all of the sudden post a zillion.  Half of it comes from thinking I don't live as beautiful a life as the others I see on instagram - but think about it how often do you stage a photo with the best light & angle?  Yeah, so do other people!  So I try to take better photos but I also just want to document my life.  So here's a peek in to what's been going on lately:
Lately I've been eating a muffin for breakfast everyday.  I go through phases where I eat breakfast & phases where I don't.   Currently I've been loving these Pistachio Nut muffins & Blueberry muffins from Meijer.  Another quick breakfast I grab is a bagel.  I've got some in the freezer right now & I'll pop one in the microwave, then in the toaster oven.  Chive & Onion cream cheese is my fave on bagels.
This shampoo/hair care line from Suave has been rocking my world recently.  You can read my full review here & keep an eye out for a hair care routine video on my YouTube channel!  But I love this line - it keeps my hair soft & nourished.  My hair stays detangled all day long with the shampoo, conditioner, & styling oil.
I reorganized my nail polish collection & have a blog post coming soon on it!  I got some baskets from Target to replace my super old, falling apart baskets & love the organization now.  If you've looked through my instagram feed lately you'll see that I'm on an organization kick.
I've been posting my daily make up on my instagram too.  I've been trying to do it regularly just to keep track of what I've been wearing but I'm also trying to work through my collection.  I've been buying, buying, and buying - I like collecting it & it's what I choose to spend money on but I also think I need to work through it!  Make up is easy to hoard!
I've also been eating Subway everyday for lunch.  Not sure how good it actually is for you but it's the only place where I can get out of my busy office, get some peace & quiet, and not feel gross after eating there.  I'm loving piling my tuna subs with spinach, tomato, pickles, onions, & oil and vinegar.  Yum!

That's just a little peak into what's been going on here lately.  If you want to follow me on intagram, please do!  I'm much more active there!

xoxo, Moe

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