Four Simple Goals for February 2014

Last month I started a post on Four Simple Goals for each month of the year focusing on our home, my creative businesses, & our relationship and this month (of course) I want to continue the trend!  So far so good, right? Two months out of twelve?  Here's hoping!

Order fume hood, glaze, clay, etc for the studio
Last month we were going to work on cleaning out the garage in order to refocus & make it a space where we each can be creative.  It was definitely too cold to do anything in the garage this January - but while we're piling it high with crap might as well get the crap in there that needs to be in there right?

Clean out the bedroom Closet
I need to get rid of clothes, organize my shoes, & see what is hanging out in there.  I do know there are some things that are stored in the back that will stay there but it's time to organize.

Add new stationery designs to the stationery shop focusing on upcoming events/trends
Now is the time to focus on spring/summer wedding invites & other stationery.  I'm want to add more graduation announcements & just more stuff in general.  After reorganizing the shop I've found a renewed love of creating things.

Play more games together - set aside time once a week.
Zach & I rarely play games together.  We've bought a few Wii games & have Minecraft for the Xbox but we rarely play.  Theres a funny thing we do where we do our own thing eventually at the end of the night - I want to make more of a priority to play together.  We tend to separate & do our own thing - which is fine - but I think we get to comfortable taking for granted we'll each be there, you know?  I just want to not put off spending time together.

xoxo, Moe

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