Trend Tuesday // What's In My Purse

While I was visiting Virginia over the holidays I finally picked up a good purse.  First let's talk about how many purses I actually have - next let's look at the fact that the ones not made well tend not to hold up.  Also, lets add another thing to the list of things to do - get rid of old purses.  Anyway, off topic now - back to the purse.  I picked up another sturdy purse from Target that I call my business purse.  It's super professional looking, I think.  It is has a faux leather body - nothing pleather but like a sturdy leather-type fabric that I think will hold up well.  It won't flake away if you know what I mean.  Here's what I keep in my purse:
 First off I love this purse! Like I said above it's from Target - it's the Merona brand Satchel Handbag in Cognac.  I love the matte finish look of the material it's made of & I don't think it will fall apart anytime soon!  I love the different pockets inside & the two side pockets and middle zip pocket on the outside.  It holds e v e r y t h i n g .
 I usually keep my iPhone in it's purple Morphie Case in one of the outside side pockets so it's with in reach.  These three lip balms - peppermint flavored ChapStick, a Sally Hansen Vita-C Lip Plumper, & a Dr. Rescue Baby Lips - live in the small zipper pocket in the back inside of the purse.  Next I have a fun little notebook pulled from my endless notebook collection inside to jot down notes for the blog, shop, life, etc.  It was from Target as well.
In the small, clear bag with a flower pattern (from H&M ages ago!) I keep extra lip colors I'm loving or using at the time.  These include chubby lip crayons that are really easy to apply through the day.  I always have deodorant in there too, just in case.  I run out the door quite a lot with out putting on some D-O, whoops!
Another little zipper bag from Target that came from the same line as the notebook is used for feminine items & other doo-dads I may need.  I love the chevron pattern on this!  Opening my bag & seeing so many colors & patterns makes me happy!  And finally, the thing I need the most - my wallet, which is also from Target last year.  Man, Target makes some cute stuff, right?  This wallet is huge and I recently just cleaned it out because it was holding everything under the sun.  I like that it has a few inside pockets as well as a middle, zipper change pocket.  I mean I can fit all my cards, change, checkbook, moolah, & receipts in there.

Not pictured above but sometimes floating around in there are various cord chargers, my keys, & my iPad.  I love that this purse fits everything.  It also has two small handles & the option for making it a cross body bag with an adjustable strap.  Great versatility.  Cross body bags are much easier to shop with.

What's in your bag?  What are your daily essentials?

xox, Moe

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  1. I love this bag! I'm always looking at the satchels from Target!

    I need to organize my bag. It's a hot mess and not at all as organized as yours. I probably have 2033987 receipts in there too.

    chevrons & anchors

    1. Lmao so glad I'm not the only one!! .:See below:.

  2. Well according to my purse my essentials are old crinkled receipts, my eos chapstick ball, and approximately 500 gift cards because my family knows it's hard out here for a pimp. (AKA twenty-something college grad who still is trying to making a living on what makes her HAPPY:)

    I stumbled upon your blog and its so pretty! I'm currently slowwwly getting a blog together and I live in Indiana too, so I think those are great reasons to be friends :) I hope you're enjoying ol' Hoosierville so far, I'm excited to come back and take a better look around five sixteenths!

  3. I just picked up this same purse the other day at Target in a deep navy blue. I love it! It really is sturdy, and my SurfacePro can fit inside along with a bunch of other stuff!


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