New Wet n Wild Products January 2014

One of my favorite drugstore brands is Wet n Wild.  I still remember my moms' Wet n Wild nail polish from the 90s but lets be real for a moment - Wet n Wild has stepped up it's game.  It's now one of my top favorite brands ever.  They always come out with pretty cool stuff & I'm so excited to have picked some of the new things up:
All of the Balm Stains! Hooray! It really is the best feeling to walk into a store & see a fresh display ripe for the picking.  It is so very satisfying to grab up one of each thing (especially when there are $1 coupons attached!)  The texture on these is awesome.  Much better & smoother than I expected.  They are super creamy & beautifully colored.  I can't wait to try them all out!
I also picked up the mattifying powder from the Fergie Collection on a whim.  I didn't even really pay attention to the packaging but it's much, much smaller than the Fergie Collection eyeshadow palettes.  But it does come with a whimpy puff.  Guess that's something.  Don't know if I'm excited about this one yet.  Also, you can't tell from the image above but there's a little bit of some sort of glittery-ness in there.  Not sure what's going on with that.
I also grabbed the single eyeshadow in Nutty.  While this isn't new, it's in a new display & fully in stock.  It's never in stock, ever.  So I snatched it up.  I skipped on the single glitter shadows though.  Nothing appealed to me about a creamy glittery disaster. But this Nutty shade is great.  All I ever wanted & more!
On the topic of eyeshadow I picked up one of the new 5 pan palettes but only in The Naked Truth.  The others just didn't appeal to me - I don't need all purples, all blues, a smokey look, or bright colors.  I think this will become a great travel neutral palette.  The consistency doesn't match the other ColorIcon trios or 8-pan palettes but it's alright.  It's the consistency of what you'd expect from the drugstore if that makes sense.  Still good & easy to work with but nothing compared to the original ColorIcon collection.
I've also been into lip glosses lately & when I saw these in the display I knew I had to pick some up.  Mainly because of the names.  It just so happens that Throwing Shade (which I still have to return - it was already opened!) & Giving Realness (the one pictured above) are the best names anyone could come up with.  So I picked up this lovely berry purple & beautiful nude color.  The nude is rather sheer where as the purple color seems to give a lot of pigmentation.  Can't wait to play around with these!

There was quite a lot more available but I passed on the clear mascara, the glitter eyeshadows, the colored eye liners, & the BB Cream from the Fergie Collection.  Though I may go back later & pick some of those.  I do wish Wet n Wild would come out with some different colors in their ColorIcon blushes.  Those four colors are awesome but I'd love to see more colors because who can ever have just one of anything, right?

What are you excited about at the drugstore?  Any new products you're in love with?

xoxo, Moe

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