Make it Monday // Easy Crochet Fold over Bag

I've been on a crochet kick lately but usually it involves making half a project then ripping it apart.  I'm so indecisive.  I decided to whip up something quick in front of the TV this past weekend & came up with this little fold over bag.  It's perfect as a little make up bag for your purse or to hold anything you want, really.  It stands up on it's own as well.  I think it's a pretty cool piece & it's quite easy to make.
Supplies:  worsted weight yarn, size j hook, fabric button maker, spare/coordinating fabric, needle, thread.
This pattern is not worked in the traditional round way.  I created a tube of crochet then sewed one end shut.  If you're comfortable crocheting down one side of your foundation chain, then crocheting down the back of the chain - go for it.  But I thought a tube would be easier if you were a beginner.  Also, you could crochet a flat piece of fabric then sew down the side & across the bottom to create your bag.  You'll only need to know the chain stitch & the half double crochet for this project.  But get fancy if you want!

For the tube method, chain 50, join the first & last ch together, ch 1, do not turn (don't turn after each row for the entire project.

row 1: hdc in each ch until end, slp st to first hdc, ch 1.
row 2: hdc in joining st, hdc around, slp st to first hdc, ch1.
repeat for as many rows as you wish.  For a medium sized bag crochet 24 rows.
on your last row, estimate the middle of the back side of the bag.  Hdc until that point, ch 7 (or enough to fit around your button, hdc around, slp st to first hdc, bind off.
This bag measures ________
Create your button by following the instructions on the back of the button maker.  Sew it on near the bottom of your bag to create the slouchy fold over look.  Now fill with all your goodies!
I love that it stands up on it's own so if you are tucking it in your purse or bag for make up you can set it up on the counter - though it is just cloth so be careful, no spills!  You could also use this to store bits & bobs you may need to have handy.  The self standing feature lends this to be great for anything that needs quick access but also needs to be tucked away.

xoxo, Moe

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