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Don't ever let me pop in to Big Lot's ever.  Most likely I will come out with a few (or more) beauty items for no good reason.  I'd actually thought about giving up on Big Lot's after not finding anything great there lately but you know, one last stop down the beauty aisle couldn't hurt anything but my wallet right? Right.

So I came home with a bunch of discontinued & limited edition things from some of my favorite brands.  My favorite find was all four limited edition Color Sensational Vivids from Spring 2013!  You may remember that the Vivids were the first ever lipstick collection I got into in January of 2013 so to find these other ones was just pure awesomeness.  I actually found them between two trips to two different Big Lot's - one near my house & the other near my work.  Here's what all I found between the two trips:
I've been really into lip liners lately.  I love the staying power they add to a lip color but they can be really expensive - I guess not really expensive but if I'm already buying a lipstick I guess the extra $3 - $7 bucks at the drugstore is too much.  These are from Rimmel & I hadn't seen them before.  I'm sure they were repackaged for this but two fro $2 is a steal!  I love the pinks & nudes in this little collection.
These are the limited edition Maybelline Vivids colors from Spring 2013! Talk about a score for $1.50 each!  I need to go to other Big Lot's around & see if I can find the final color Pop of Cherry intact.  At my Big Lot's they were all mushed but I found these three colors in pristine condition! hooray!  You can still see the clearance sticker on them from what looks like Wal-Mart.  I'm not sure of the original price, probably somewhere around $7 but you can see they were clearanced to $5.50, then to get them each for $1.50 at Big Lot's....I think it was worth it!  I don't know how the Big Lot's system works but I'm never discounting them again!
Then I found these pretty colors for $1.50 as well.  I did some research but couldn't really find when they were released or when they were discontinued.  I saw posts as early as 2011 mentioning these & as late as January 2013 - so maybe they were discontinued last year?  Any ideas?  I'm loving the coral color & seriously can't wait to bust coral colors back out this spring!  Maybe I'll share my favorites - spoilers, they are both Maybelline!
This is a horrible picture but can you believe these Maybelline products for under $3?  I passed on the Dream Sun this summer but for $2.00 how can you not pick it up.  I also picked up a Fit Me foundation in a darker shade to see how it would work as a bronzer.  It's just a tad deeper than my skin color so I think it's going to be perfect.  They also had some discontinued colors of the Fit Me liquid foundation.  Not sure if they changed the formula or the colors or something in this line but this is still in stores!  Finally, can't ever pass up Wet n Wild.  I swear if we weren't in the middle of a crazy blizzard in the middle of me writing this I'd head to another Big Lot's asap.
I never saw these either this summer - but I wasn't as in to make up as I am now.  This one is a lovely nude color called Sandy Shores.  While I'm not a complete fan of these cream bases/eyeshadows I still do love them.  And getting a nude colored Color Tattoo for a dollar?  Heck yes!

If you're a fan of drug store make up don't skip the beauty aisle at Big Lot's, you never know what you might find!  I feel like I hit the mother load with this trip & really can not wait to stop in another Big Lot's.

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I know these are reduced prices as the products were on offer, but I have to say it seems you can get much more of a bargain at drug stores over there than in the uk! Like the quality and big names you got for a couple of dollars, I'm so at Big Lots the minutes I set foot in e states! Whenever that might be hehe :)


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