January Wishlist

Hello 2014!  What a way to kick off the recovery from Christmas spending than with a Wish List post.  I know, I'm full of sarcasm lately - #sorrynotsorry.  Wish list posts are fun to compile but seriously we just celebrated Christmas!  I have to say that there's not too much I'm lusting after this January except for warm weather & all the new drugstore make up.
January Wish List

Things I want to do : Straighten up & organize my vanity // Clean up the Guest Bathroom // Clean up the Guest Bedroom

Of course a lot of drugstore make up brands are coming out with a zillion new things, so it's time to raise that credit limit & pick it all up. (just kidding! sort of)  What I'm looking forward to the most are all the new things from Wet n Wild.  A great drugstore brand in general.  They are coming out with chubby lip pencil balm stains, new lip glosses, a mattifying powder, a BB cream, and a few more things.  I can't wait to pick up some neat stuff.  Also, CoverGirl has a new Bombshell mascara that has a dual ended applicator.  One end is like the Lash Blast mascaras & the other end is a standard brush type wand.  If you read this post about my favorite volumizing mascaras you know I use Lash Blast first then top it with other volumizing mascaras that have more of a traditional wand.  So I'm excited to see how this one works.

Not new at the drugstore is the L'Oreal Youth Code line.  I already have the Serum & got the Day/Night Cream for Christmas.  So I thought I'd round it out with the cleanser.  You may remember mentioning the oil cleansing method earlier on this blog - but I got bored and wanted to try something new.  Whenever my skin in thirsty, like right now in the winter, I pull back out my coconut oil & hydrate my skin.  I've realized now that you can have oily & dry skin at the same time.  How weird!

Part of my Four Little Goals for this month are to get the guest bedroom & bathroom together.  I want it to look put together for our friend we have coming soon but also want to put a little table in there for sewing.  Time get get crafty again!  My bed is in the room (so it's super comfy, lol) so all of my floral sheets are in there.  I can't wait to really have that as a bright & happy room.  We also need to hang the bathroom mirror.  This is included in my wish list because I totally can't wait to get back to working on the house!

Something just thrown in here is reorganizing my vanity.  Since my collection keeps growing I keep out growing what I already have.  I need to figure out a way to store it all!

What are you wishing for this Januray?  Anything you want to accomplish?

xoxo, Moe

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