New, Used, & Empties October 2013

I'm here with another video for you today!  I'm really loving changing it up here on the blog & filming gives me just another little creative thing to do.  So here's something that are new to me, the things I've been using, & the products I've finally emptied out!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I need to get making my videos asap, too :) Speaking of beauty stuff been sampling stuff by annmariegianni.com stuff and love the hell out if, all natural hippie stuff that works and smells herbaly and delicious, makes me happy to wake up. Gonna play catch-up on your blog today.

    1. Oh and I adore the same scented candle you got there, one of my favorites gto use all year. I love a fresh evergreen smell, sharp and energizing.


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