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A week or so ago I posted on the Anatomy of a Blog Post.  That post got me thinking of how I write blog posts - how I decide what to write about, how I organize my thoughts, etc.  You can click here to read about my blog planner & notebook (that's sort of gotten set to the side right now!) and click here for all other Boost your Blog related topics.

Now that I'm sort of going back to a more simple outlook to blogging I don't really use my blog planner or my blog notebook a lot.  I tend to let things develop organically as I get back into gaining my idea & blogging momentum.  Sometimes its just nice to keep things simple.  But weather I'm using my planner or just typing as a please, I still like to plan a little bit just so I know what's going on for the week.  
Currently, I create 3-4 draft posts in blogger with ideas for the next week.  Sometimes I just open up a post & write a title & sometimes, along with the title, I make a list of the points I want to cover in that blog post. During the week when Zach isn't home I film these little videos I've been posting lately!

On the weekends I develop the idea more either with taking pictures, pulling in links, etc.  Saturdays are usually my making days where I execute any DIY I want to share next week or make something just for me.  I'll finish up the body of a few posts as well.  When I hit a road block I'll go work on another post or go do something else.  I try not to force blogging because I liked the way my blog read much better when I was just sharing things as they happened & not trying to meet some sort of quota for posts a week.  If I don't feel like sharing the DIY I won't post a Make it Monday.  If I feel like an idea isn't fully developed I'll just let the post sit as a draft for a little while.  No need to publish something I don't like.

Once I have an idea developed to it's fullest & the post is done, it's now time add the labels & thent publish or schedule them.  Usually I schedule my posts to go up around 10:30am each day that way I don't have to worry about blogging during the week!  I can enjoy other things!  I take one last look to make sure it meets the guidelines I listed in the Anatomy of a Blog Post article, then I'm good.

Something I need to get back into is scheduling promotional tweets.  I should do this as a last step to publishing a post but I'm lazy!  If you use Blogger in Draft you can get the permalink your post will be live at from the sidebar of your post.  I like to hop on over to Tweet Deck & schedule a tweet about the post.  I use Networked Blogs to make sure a tweet & post to my facebook page go live when the post goes live but I should schedule an afternoon tweet about the post as well.  I also try to schedule at least two tweets about archive posts - because I have a lot of archives!

And that's it!  That's how I currently write a blog post.  A little bit of planning, a lot of creativity, and a hint of satisfaction.  Blogging is a serious as you make it & right now in my life I need to keep things simple because I like blogging and I don't want to turn it into something filled with pressure.

How do you blog?  Do you blog everyday or schedule posts?  How do you develop & keep track of your ideas?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Hi Moe!

    I am a follower of your blog...for a long while now. And I wanted to see if you might be interested in doing a guest post for me in January or February? I am having a baby then, and will be on maternity leave. I would love to host an original post of yours -- something along the lines of your vintage finds/crafts projects or your blog designs/blog tutorials. Email me at mandi.hulse2@gmail.com so we can chat more. xoxo


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