Wednesday Decor // Three Ways to Use Shower Hooks to Organize

I don't know if you know this but I like to use things in unconventional ways.  It's called being creative.  I've had this problem since I was little, honestly.  But one thing I'm proud to use unconventionally are shower hooks.  Not the circle ones but the s-hook shaped ones - ones that have an open end to hook over the shower rod & an open end you put the shower curtain on.  These are AWESOME for so many things.  Honestly, I continue to ponder what else I can hang using these little hooks.  Here's how I currently use these hooks in our home:
Coffee Bar - you may remember this post of a DIY coffee bar.  One of the first DIY things in our home.  I still love it & we've added some fun & some funny mugs to the collection!  Anyway, these s-hooks are great to hang on a curtain rod in two rows to hold all your mugs.  We're trying to get away from duplicates - like the green & black mug sets that both Zach & I owned before moving in together.  I just love that all the mugs are on display.  It also frees up some of our cabinet space since we have very few top cabinets for dishes.
Bathroom Storage - I can't decide which is my favorite way to use these hooks, honestly, but this is the one I'm the most proud of.  Hang the hook over a towel rack to hold your hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron!  I also use a hook over the shower curtain rod for my floofy loofa sponge thing.  It also works to put hair ties if I have them in my hair when I get in the shower.  This keeps your floofy loofa thing from falling if it has a suction cup or getting in anyones way if it's hanging from nozzles & knobs.  You could hang these loads of places in the bathroom for anything you need to hang.  I even think you might be able to use them as towel holders if you have too few metal bars and too many towels.  Hmmmmmm...
Purse Storage - I found these double s-hooks at Meijer a while ago & these are great for hanging your purses in the closet!  We have a part of our closet that just goes back into the nethers.  The rod just goes & goes & goes.  You can't really see anything back there so I hung a whole package of these hooks there to hang my purses.  The double hook means double the storage!  Even though they are in the back they are more on display than if they were in a drawer or in a bin.  I've switched my purse out at least twice knowing that I can see them all at a glance.  Also, yes that Vera Bradley backpack there is in my favorite pattern & I want to wear it so bad but I'm scared to get it dirty!

This is my all time favorite home storage tip ever! These things are so dang versatile!  I want to hang one from everything!

What is your ultimate home tip? I want to know!

xoxo, Moe

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