Make it Monday // Two Easy Knit Hats - No Circular Needles Required

Well, I've picked up my yarn again & after posting my October wishlist featuring a knit, multi yarn scarf it's safe to say I'm back in the crochet/knitting mode.  I've so far made two knit hats, a knit scarf, & started yet another crochet blanket!  I can't stop!  It always seems to be the colder months that I crochet/knit.  I just don't know what to make in the warm months.  But anyway, I wanted to share with you some DIY inspiration if you're new to knitting.  I'd say that I'm much better at crocheting than knitting & consider myself still a beginner!  So this project is perfect.
This project involves no decreasing or circular needles - and for one hat, you don't even need to know how to purl!!  As a little preface to creating this hat, I did a video a few years ago for Hooray for a Handmade Holiday series I had on the blog.  This a different take on that, so you can see how to cast on, knit, & cast off with this video tutorial here.

Hat Number One
Supplies :: thicker yarn - I used two strands of Lion Brand Home Spun together & the orange was a really thick yarn with no label (it was on sale, fall colored, so I snatched it!), size 13 knitting needles, worsted weight yarn like Red Heart for your pom pom.
Make it :: Cast on 25 stitches with your yarn, knit stitch to end.  Then keep on knitting, pretty much you're doing the garter stitch!  If you're switching colors, make sure you either use the same type of yarn or have a pretty good grasp on how to match the gauge.  This orange yarn was pretty thick so to match the gauge I had to hold two of the Lion Brand yarns together.  You'll need a rectangular long enough to fit around your head (measuring from needles to the bottom you cast on).  Cast off, leaving a pretty long tail.  Use the tail to sew your cast on & cast off side together to create a tube.  Then weave the tail around the circumference of one end of your tube, then cinch it together.  Tie a knot to secure your tube.

You now have a hat!  The 25 stitches give you a bit of room to fold over & create a brim.  Or you can wear it a bit slouchy.

Hat Number Two
Supplies :: 3 skeins of worsted weight yarn like Red Heart, size 10 knitting needles.
Make it :: Cast on 20 stitches.  Knit 1, Purl 1, to end.  You should end on a purl stitch.  When you turn your work, instead of knitting 1, you'll purl 1 - so you'll be doing a purl 1, knit 1 to the end.  You want to do the opposite of the stitch in the row below to create a bumpy texture.  Repeat the rows of knit, purl then purl, knit until you have a rectangle to fit around your head (measured from needles to your cast on end).  Then cast off, leaving a long tail.  Same as hat number 1, sew your cast on & cast off ends together to create a tube.  Weave the tail around the circumference of one end of the tube, then cinch.  Tie a knot to secure it.  
Hat number 2 is done!

Pom Pom Time
This is simple - create a pom pom however big you want.  You can use a pom pom maker, but I do it th old fashioned way by wrapping yarn a million times around a sturdy piece of cardboard.  The only suggestion I have for this way, is to keep wrapping your yarn even if you think you're done.  I've made some limp poms in my day & I find you just have to wrap, wrap, wrap.  There are many, many ways to make a pom pom - it's a choose your own adventure craft, pick a way from here!
Then attach your pom by pulling the tails through the top of your hat.  I sort of pull one tail on either side of the hole cinched together so I can tie it off with out it falling through.

And there you have it!  Two easy knit hats no circular needles required.  I think these are great if you're a beginner & you don't really want to undertake huge projects!  You can get this done in probably an hour or less, it's so simple.  I hope you try it!

xoxo, Moe

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