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Ever since finding my favorite new Autumn candle from Glade (mentioned here) I've wanted to share how exactly I create a lovely scented home.  Now, our house is not a Williams-Sonoma, I don't have a beautiful scent hanging around every minute of every day.  I used to have a zillion plug-ins - but lets be real, I change them about once a year because I constantly forget.  But I do have certain requirements for certain rooms when it comes to scents.  Maybe not requirements per-se but it's something I follow because I really prefer certain scents in certain places.

Scents for your home

I divide our home into three sections because basically that's all we use!  The living room/office area is all down stairs so scents float between the two.  Also, Zach doesn't really have a keen nose so it wouldn't even matter if there was a candle burning in the office!  But since only a book case sits between the living room & office, no big deal there.  I also rarely burn/spray/etc anything in the kitchen.  we're not in there long enough to feel the need to burn a scented candle & I want to smell the yummy food that's being made...mmmmmmm.  I also want to say each of the scent items pictured above are the actual ones right now that are in each room.  So I can actually attest to the wonderful smell of each of them!

Living Room - For the living room I like to burn my seasonal scented candles.  I know I keep saying this but the best, best, BEST seasonal Fall candle ever is the Glade Fall Hayride (go get some, get two...no get four.  I have four on back up, no lie).  I was so surprised by the scent of these - it really fills the room!  Honestly, you don't need two because one will fill your whole room.  In fact what I do is burn a few cheap candles - from Big Lots, Dollar Store, etc - that either aren't scented or poorly scented because I like the candle lit glow.  Using a strongly scented candle + cheap ones will give you that glow & the scent since most wonderfully scented candles are a bit more expensive (Glade's Fall Hayride is $2.99 at Meijer..so it's affordable.  But it's tiny & you're guaranteed to go through them super fast!)  Another one of my favorite seasonal scents is Mistletoe from Yankee Candle.  I will say I burn this aaaalllll over the house during Christmas!

Bathroom - When I feel in love with that Glade candle, I thought about getting the aerosol spray to go with it for the bathroom, too.  But then I realized that I really like floral/citrus type scents for the bathroom.  We're gonna get a little bit personal now, but as I was looking at the aerosol spray I thought to myself "do I really want to associate this wonderful fall scent with the reason why I spray air freshener in the bathroom?" When I answered that with an "um...no" I realized that I really do like fresher scents.  To me these scents really mask the reason you spray air freshener in the bathroom.  They are also refreshing & I think the bathroom is where you go (when you're not going #2) when you are trying to refresh yourself.  So, that's why I keep fresher scents in the bathroom.

Bedroom - Our bedroom is black, white, & purple so the first reason why I picked these candles is because they were the first black candles I'd ever found that didn't smell horrible.  These candles I found a Meijer and they are the Pure Radiance line by Yankee Candle in After Dark.  These candles are just very relaxing, very deep, very bedroom-y if that makes sense.  Every purple candle I can find is either lilac or violet or something sweeter & lighter.  Every white candle I find is scented vanilla, or fresh linen, or clean cotton & I don't like those scents.  That's just not what I want in the bedroom.  This more luxurious scent just sets the mood.

I feel like I'm totally weird for doing this but I feel like scent can play a big role in your day & your mood.  I think it's just nice to have scents that affect you in a certain way in certain areas of the house.  Keep seasonal scents in the living room, fresher scents in the bathroom, and deeper, relaxing scents in the bedroom.

How do you scent your home? Do you have a signature scent?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. What a cute idea for a post! I love it! I recently switched out all of our home scents in favor of some spiced fall ones and it's delightful! I might snag this post idea and link to yours! Super fun!

  2. This time of the year on ALWAYS has the best seasonal scents. I'm getting ready to snatch up a ton of Glade candles... I was lurking around the Toasted Marshmallow scented ones today and nearly died. SMELLS SO GOOD!

    - April

  3. It does absolutely matter that how our home smells!I love chocolate fragrance at home. I especially use it in Premier home lift. The good thing is whomsoever comes at our home always admires the smell and I always tell that it was something magical.


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