3 Creative Crochet Tips // Pick Up that Project Again & Keep Going

I love to always be doing something with my hands.  I have to always be occupied whether it's in front of the TV, in bed, or waiting - somethings gotta be getting made.  But since I have the attention span of like a flea, I pick up & put down projects quite frequently, rip projects a part, & just plain forget about them.  Over the years I've developed a few things to keep forgotten projects easy to pick up & started projects easier to finish.

Remind yourself about the project - I write down either the idea or even just simply the yarn & the hook size on a piece of paper & pin it to my project after I've worked a few rows.  I do this so when I pick up the blanket I've set aside 3 months ago I'll remember what I'm supposed to be doing with it! Sometimes I'll throw in the colors I wanted to add to it - because if I've set it down I've probably used the other colors for some other project!  Most of my projects aren't based on patterns & are very loose so the key part is writing down the hook size so I don't have to try this one or that one or hope that it's right!

Use a bigger hook & a faster stitch - Ever since last summer when I sat down & made more blankets in a few months that I had in my entire life, I fell in love with a really fast stitch I came up with (at least I think I came up with it!) when making a scarf. This stitch works great in any type of yarn - the blankets in the shop are acrylic yarn & this blanket for out house is made from really fluffy yarn.  Learn the stitch I'm talking about in this post.  A bigger hook makes projects go by faster as well and I'm all about that!  My favorite size hook for blankets is an L and for hats & scarves its a J or K.  Bigger hooks also make smaller stitches go by faster.  I'm in love with the way single crochet looks done with a K size hook!

Bobby pins, hair clips, bits of yarn, paper clips, etc are great stitch markers - I've never had a set of proper stitch markers because there are a zillion things around the house that can be used to mark your place.  Even just little bits of extra yarn can act as a stitch marker.  I've used bits of yarn, bobby pins, paper clips, & hair clips to mark my place.  I'm not ashamed!

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