Sum Up Sunday #66

A lot happened this week but happening number one was getting the flooring installed!  Hooray!  Phew, now that that's done we can actually move into our house.  I know you all are probably very, very sick of hearing about the in progress & frustrations of our house, but it's almost over!  Last night we moved down the couch, chair, & coffee table.  Today we're going to get some things organized more...I'm dreading it....but I'm also excited.
I also installed another bar for mugs in our coffee area.  Monday I'm gonna go over how I did it (it's really easy, if you haven't figured it out) but it's also a really simple decor idea that I'd love for people to stumble upon in the future.  I also just want to talk about the coffees I love so far from using my Keurig & what my coffee bar consists of.
I also photographed & opened the Five One Six Shop on Storenvy.  Look out for a simple Storenvy run down because I love it so far!
I've also enrolled in a fun little ecourse called How to be a Fat Bitch over on The Nearsighted Owl.  That title may be a bit scary but it's all about accepting who you are, no matter your size & not feeding into the thin=happy notion.  Rachele, the girl behind the course, is awesome, she is such a positive person who is advocating owning who you are, the way you are.  This course involves no shaming, of any kind, at all.  No matter your size I think Fat Acceptance is great.  It is saying that you like you, the way you are.  You are happy with you.  That your weight doesn't discount your accomplishments, your ability for success, or your want to do things.  That your weight doesn't need to hold you back from feeling happy.  

I love that there are people out there advocating being happy at any size......because it's worth it!  I also love that part of being happy at any size means doing whatever you want to do.  It's the idea that Happy = Happy.....and I'm happy about that.

I'm excited to be a part of this little course as I've always seen myself as confident but I really want to add to my confidence.  I don't believe I've ever let my weight hold me back from things, but this year I really want to do more.  I want to get out more, see more, be more!  I am hoping this course gives me more awareness & that I am more easily able to accept others, as well.  This ecourse is 52 weeks long & I plan on sharing being a part of this ecourse as often as I can.  But I also believe this ecourse may get a little bit personal so I may not share everything all the time.

Personally, a goal for me for this course is to start seeing myself better all the time.  I would say I do love myself the way I am ..... but sometimes I see other women whose curves fall in different ways than mine & start comparing.  I find myself saying "if only my fat were in my hips," or "if only I had a pretty hour glass shape," & this is not what I want to do any more!

This week's challenge is to come up with 5 things you want to do to make you happy.  5 things for yourself & for your well being.  Here are my five:

- Actually get up & get ready a few times this week! Working from home means you don't really have to get all dolled up but doing your hair & make up just makes you feel happy!  
- Cook a meal with Zach.  It's a great way to unwind with him, spend time together, & end up with something yummy!
-Take an outfit photo (or more) out in the (freezing gosh darned) snow. Mainly because I think it will be pretty & fun.  But it might also be freezing!  I really like sharing outfits on the blog, I'm just too dang lazy to do it everyday.
-Practice drawing more.  Rachele introduced me to the Sketcbook Pro app for iPad & I really wanna keep trying it out.  I did like two drawings but want to do more!
-Try on new lipstick.  I've seen a few lists of MAC dupes that you can find at the drugstore & I love my red lipstick....I'm ready to branch out!

What are 5 things you want to do just for you?  C'mon & join if you wish.  You can register here or just follow along!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hello from the blog hop! I totally love your coffee bar! I'm all about coffee, and trying different kinds. I also adore that all of your mugs are displayed prettily and ready to use!


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