Fan Friday #87

Again, I can't believe another week is down.  Even more I can't believe it's the first day of February.  Wow, time sure does fly.  Today the flooring gets installed & I hope to share some pictures of the process and once we get it all done I can't wait to share a total home update!  I'll do a whole little home tour too once we've got this place in tip top shape.  This weekend I'm going to head out to try on a bridesmaids dress too for a wedding this summer.  It's so weird to know that so many of my college friends are old enough to marry!! I still remember being a Freshman!

Here's what I'm loving this week:

This Bay & Rosemary Apple Cider drink from Unbecoming.  I love that it's a fancy non-alcoholic drink!  I love a great mocktail.

I'm needing some more mugs for our little coffee bar.  We have a few thrifted ones but haven't found any fun ones lately but I stumbled upon these Letter Together mugs in the apartment section of Modcloth!

I have all the feels when it comes to Doctor Who & Harry Potter.  Pinterest is great to feed that & it's where I spotted this little drawing.  I also found a youtube vid that has since been taken down of River Song's Timeline in order.  All the feels.

This is just beautiful & I can't wait to get the spare bedroom done so I can put all of my girly things in there.  I'm so in love with floral!

Link Love
++ Enter this crafty giveaway over at Lucky Rainbow Designs in honor of her 250 post! ++

++ Because I'm in love with alphanumeric decor, this Faux Hammered Metal DIY from Dream A Little Bigger has me looking to do more with my paper 5, 1, and 6!  Super awesome look...wonder what other letters I can cover? ++

++ Speaking of floral, I am in love with these floral straws from Emerald & Ella. ++

++ I've been thinking of going through my What He Should Make Me for Dinner board & actually try some of these recipes myself.  Zach is such a great cook but I can throw some stuff in a crock pot & call it good! ++ 

++ I'm thinking this DIY for my desk that will be over 7 ft long!  I really want to DIY it in an awesome way, this seems pretty & practical. ++

Have a happy Friday!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you end up doing for your desk. Have you seen this post on Young House Love and their long desk? http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/09/attack-of-the-13-foot-counter/

  2. I love the guest bedroom decor. Looks so soft, sweet and inviting. If I had a spare room I would love to recreate a look like that.

  3. Love, love, LOVE those mugs and that bedroom decor! SWOON!

  4. ooooooh i love this last photo of the LOVE decor. So pretty for valentine's day!



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