2013 Goals

I'm not a great goal keeper but I actually think I did quite well this year.  I am rather proud of myself!  I sort of see my business goals as personal goals, too so I'm excited to begin growing into 2013:

2 0 1 3   G O A L S
++ (it's a little bit late but hopefully I can do it!) Get some Valentines Day designed cards into the Stationery shop.  Maybe a futile goal, but I'll try.

++ Add fonts and/or clip art to the Design Shop.

++ Maintain the STUDIO blog & post at least once a week, but let's try for twice

++ Create business cards (finally!) for the entire 516 brand but also for every aspect, especially focusing on 516VINTAGE

++ Create letter head, invoice, & packaging for 516VINTAGE orders.  Right now they aren't packed very pretty. Just packed so the items don't break.  I want to include thank you notes, invoices, & a business card, you know...nice branding things.  It's just been really hard with the move but now that it's the new year, no more excuses!

++ Focus more on Collections.  I want to create an experience in all of the shops & focus on this instead of just "hey this is cool, why not?" The Vintage shop has the start of a spring collection now & I can't wait to photograph it!

++ Open the Five One Six shop.  Too many things? Maybe, but it's been great to have a few outlets.  I like making things (pottery & crocheted things) but these are my least successful ventures.  Not to say I don't like blog designs or collecting awesome vintage things, but crocheting & pottery are my passions. Literally! It makes me very sad that no one seems to like it.  I want to take a better direction with this!

++ Focus on me & us time...focus on balance.  I love being able to do all these things with the blog & shop & all my creative outlets but it's hard for me to balance that, my personal relationships, & a real job.  It's a cause of a lot of stress & I feel I can only balance two of the three....which isn't good.

++ Make meaningful connections.  Whether in real life or in blogging, I'd like to be able to maintain connections better.

++ Create a cohesive ceramics line.  I went to school for this.  I'd like to be able to say I did something with it, ya know?  I'd like to do a few craft shows, have my work shown here locally, maybe see if I can get in some local shops downtown.....it would be nice.

++ Find a real job, even if it's just part time.  I've been struggling so hard with the unemployed/self-employed thing.  I made a decision to move & that's been the cause of not having a job.  But finding another one has just been so disappointing.  I am going to go looking around for random jobs next week.  I don't mind working at Taco Bell, I just know that I'll get stuck working at Taco Bell for the rest of my life because who wants to hire an office manager, let alone a 25 year old who doesn't have a professional job.

++ Make somewhat of a living off of the 516 Brand.  This year I really want to be my year!  I really want to make it you know, actually make it. Last year was a great year, but I want this year to be better!!!

++ Keep the house clean to have a clean working environment.  I say I've done pretty well since we've been moved.  The laundry is done every Saturday, I've only let the dishes pile up two or three times, everything stays dusted (mainly because our furniture is black & I can see the dust!), the kitchen & bathroom have stayed clean.  I can't wait to unpack everything once the downstairs is done.  Then it will be so much better!

Those are my loose goals for 2013.  What are you going to do this year?

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  1. These are great resolutions! I really like the mix of result based stuff (getting business cards etc) with the more general ones like connecting more. This year I went with a general theme to my resolutions, I decided I wanted to live with purpose and more conscientiously, and then split it down into more manageable tasks. Wishing you lots of luck for the new year xo

  2. So many of your resolutions apply to me as well. My main resolution is to stick with my resolutions and turn them into reality as opposed to just writing them in a notebook.
    I have to say, that mug, lovely. This coming from a huge fan of everything which is a mug or a cup.
    Hugs an kisses and wishing you a good year!
    Love, Andreea!

  3. What a great lot of goals for this year! I've done the same as you and set myself goals to aim rather than resolutions that I would have inevitably broken by now. I wrote my goals here: http://katyclouds.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/50-goals-for-2013.html

    I can't wait to see how you get on with them, yay for 2013!

  4. Excellent goals and most feel like they were written by me lol! Like the one about getting a job...ugh, most frustrating thing in the world. I wouldn't mind working somewhere just to work but then I feel like I'm compromising my career goals even though those career goals just aren't happening for me right now. It's awful! But I think good things are going to happen this year, they have to! :)


  5. It really makes me sad when you say you want a real job. You DO have a real job. You're doing something most people wish they could do, work for themselves on things that they are 100% passionate about. I can understand if bills need to be paid but I would caution you that once you pick up a second job, it becomes hard to focus on passions, we become slaves to the more traditional job.

    1. I looooove doing what I do, but it's not at real job status yet :( I've juggled this, a real job, & a life before and it's not easy...you are right, it is very stressful/hard to focus on passions when you've got another job. But it's is about growing my skill set - I'd like to hold another office management job or maybe something in design - & about paying bills! This year is about making a bit of a living from 516 though! Let's do this!! :) :)

  6. i looove that mug! and i love your goals :) keep at it!! xoxo

  7. I hope you can accomplish them all! :) I like setting goals for myself too.

  8. that mug is great and i hope you can accomplish what you want to. i am a new follower.

  9. I think all of your design shop stuff, ambition, and talent will easily land you a job. All this work on things shows you are motivated! Good luck with all of this


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