3 Reasons Passionfruit Ads Keeps Me Organized

When it comes to generating content for Five Sixteenths, you all may know I'm a planning queen!  I'll plan out a whole month in one Sunday & schedule a whole week of posts in advance but when it comes to taking care of my sponsors....I used to be unorganized.  When I first considered offering sponsorship on my blog I sort of just jumped in head first.  You find someone interested, exchange services, put the ad on your blog, & all you have to do is hold up your end of the bargain.  Sometimes I'd let somethings things slip which is bad for business.  When I first heard of Passionfruit Ads I was hesitant....I didn't want to put my blog in the hands of others.  But as coordinating sponsors got to be a chore I decided to sign up & give the service a try.  I love it!!  

I believe I've used it on my blog & purchased from other blogs for about 6 months, maybe more.  Below I'll share with you the top three reasons why I love using Passionfruit Ads to take care of my blog sponsorship:

Sponsorship at any time - It used to be, at least in my experience, a sponsor call was put out at the end of the month to remind others the month was coming to an end.  By using Passionfruit Ads you aren't limited to calendar months but 30 day periods.  Now you have more opportunity to fill your ad spots through the month.  Putting out an ad call is no longer reserved for the end of the month & no longer will you forget to do it!  Also, you're not fielding any emails or dropping them in to folders for the next month.  Passionfruit organizes this for you.  If an ad is sold out, an interested party can still purchase it & Passionfruit will hold it for you and put it up when the previous 30 days is over.  So simple!! 

Tracking Stats - While their stats seem to be taking a break for a bit to revamp, this is a great feature.  When I started sponsoring other blogs I relied on Blogger's stats to tell me where my traffic was coming from but I couldn't narrow down the exact amount of traffic from an exact ad.  Especially if I had an extremely popular article posted on a third party site (like Pinterest or HelloCotton) that got a lot of traffic.  This would drown out my stats.  Passionfruit's stats for each ad really helped me narrow down my target audience, see what's worked & what hasn't, and decide if I should renew with a certain blog. I can't wait until they bring the stats back!

Send Reminder eMails - This also helped me remember to check on my stats & make an educated decision on renewing an ad.  But the best thing about the email reminders is that I don't have to send them! Passionfruit sends out reminder emails to your sponsors letting them know their ad on your site is expiring.  Often, it would come down to the day before the beginning of the month before I even remembered to remind the current ad owners.  With Passionfruit helping me out on this, I no longer write a rushed email that you totally know was rushed.

Passionfruit Ads is like having a personal ad manager.  They take all of the hassle out of it for you & I love it.  Whether your jumping into sponsorship for the first time or a significant part of your income is from ad sales, give Passionfruit a try.  Now you can even customize the form to match the styling of your blog....which I haven't scheduled in my planner to do yet!

Five Sixteenths still has a few ad spots open & in the spirit of spreading some love, all ad spots are 50% off! Use the code HELLO50 through January.  That's two months for the price of one as well...so check here for more info.

Have you tried Passionfruit Ads? You should...just saying!

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  1. You offer up posts chalked full of knowledge and wisdom. You have no idea how thankful I am for that!

    Keep it up!


  2. I love passionfruit but my blog isn't good enough attract sponsors sadly.

  3. I wish they offered the service for self hosted Wordpress! It would save me loads of time.


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