Wednesday Decor // Peaks Around Our Home

Well, it's after Thanksgiving & we're slowly but surely still coming along with the house.  We'd hoped we'd have a few more things done before the holidays, but we are where we are.  Here are some peaks into what's been going on.

The very first things we did were to paint all the colored rooms - the upstairs bathroom & the master bedroom - a lovely shade of white.  I am not a fan of colored walls.....I guess it's because I can't decide. I am super jealous of my old roommate Katie who seems to have a great love & wonderful execution of colored walls.  I am just too afraid I'll hate it & after trying to cover up the horrid colors in our house, I am over painting.  We may end up choosing colors for the downstairs since the white color that's through the whole upstairs sorta makes me see a bit of yellow.

The subfloor is also all down in the large room downstairs.  This room will be divided by a bookshelf into a living space & an office space.  We also put up a wall dividing the garage space & then put a wall with a window & a door where a grage door used to be.  The door got painted green, trim got put on the window there too, & the outside wall was painted.  All the studs are up on the walls to apply drywall (looooong story!).  We're just waiting on the wires to be run for electricity into the living area & office.  Then we'll drywall, then it's painting, & then it's flooring, & then hopefully it's done.  The extra bedroom needs a new wall to give it a closet, access to the downstairs bathroom, & a utility closet.  Then it's drywall, painting, & flooring in there.

So far it's only been the little things that we can get organized & put away.  We got new sheets & comforter from Amazon & two new nightstands from Big Lots.  I don't think Zach knew about the glories of places like Big Lots & Amazon for cheaper things...when you shop right, you can find good stuff.  Sometimes it's not really a deal....but sometimes it is.  I'm also in the process of dying lampshades to be the perfect shade of plum.  They need to be dyed again & for longer...pretty much I don't know what I'm doing so I'm experimenting.

One half of the kitchen is set up including canisters that have since been labeled & filled.  The wine rack is filled, too.  I never thought I liked that wine rack of his....but I really like it over there, it just fits.  We've also got a few other canisters that need pasta in them.  Then on Monday at like 6pm, there was a knock on the door.  Whenever people knock & it's dark out I instantly think the worst & almost never answer.  Never.  But I peaked outside & saw that there was a box & not a murderer (there still could have been, I guess).  The box had our matching, black towels!  Finally no more random towels.  There are two reds, a maroon, guacamole green, tan, black, green, & three brown towels in this assortment.  Every time I see them in the bathroom I want to throw them out the window!  But the matching ones are here now so no more worries.  Now all we need is the shower curtain which we believe is still packed in the apartment at his parents house.

I'm just glad we're getting better at agreeing on things decor wise.  Surprisingly I've made a few decor decisions that Zach agrees with - the crochet blanket in our room, the night stands, & the shelf with baskets in the bathroom.  Hooray!!  Maybe we can think a like!

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