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Now that Thanksgiving is over its officially time to think about Christmas.  For me, this time of year is the happiest.  I don't think about my worries, I don't think about the housework, I just think about family, good food, & traditions.  I think about the pretty lights, hope, friends, & warmth.  It is the most wonderful season of all.

Holiday Favorites

The Mistletoe candle from Yankee Candle is the scent of the season for me.  Katie bought one last year & we burned the heck out of it.  She pulled it ou this year & send me a picture of how low the candle was.  I'll be lighting this everyday & enjoying the scent of Christmas.  Yankee Candle does have a Christmas Time scent but I don't like that one as much...this one is the scent of the season.

While the Mistletoe Candle is burning, especially if its the weekend, you'll probably find me snuggling under our new crochet blanket in shades of plum (the one above is from Target) while in a pair of flannel jammies.  Most likely I'll have made a yummy coffee or hot cocoa with Peppermint Creamer & little marshmallows.

If I'm out shopping I'm most likely wearing my favorite colors of the season: Golden Yellow & Cobalt. I know they aren't traditonal colors but for me & for some reason these two colors are my favorite for winter.  I stumbled upon these two cardigans at Wal-Mart for $12.  I've been wearing the mess out of them.  I just love them!

What makes the season for you? What are your Holiday favorites?

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  1. Just looking at this post makes me want to snuggle under a blanket in my pj's! My favorite Yankee Candle is Cranberry Chutney...it's a bit Thanksgiving, but I burn it all winter anyway :)


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