Trend Tuesday // For the Coffee Lover

My mornings rarely start without a cup of coffee in my hand.  Currently we are between coffee makers, but my fingers are crossing for a Keurig coffee maker from Santa!  Zach & I are in that stage of discovering we have two of some things & none of other things and it can get exhausting.  While he does have a coffee maker, I think it may be beyond cleaning.  I need to run & grab some vinegar to run through it to clean it and see how it comes out.

I've never been a fan of Keruigs since you have to buy the little K-cups but since discovering there is a little single serve filter, I've been warming up to them.  You can have an assortment of coffees on hand + some of your regular everyday coffee with the little filter.  Win-Win!

If you're a coffee lover like me or know someone who is, here are some lovely gift ideas to encourage their love of that caffeinated drink:
Coffee Lover's Paradise

one // A pretty canister can give your day a dose of happy if you're adding a spoonful of sugar to your coffee.  I love the drippy glaze on this ceramic piece from Anthropologie.

two // This retro inspired Owl Ready to Go mug from Modcloth would put some pep in my step!  Love the bright yellow color.

three // Coffee is Always a Good idea & this print from Arcadia Graphic on etsy encourages that second cup.  Don't drink any after noon though, you may be up all night.

four // I've been looking for the perfect nude polish & this cafe au lait inspired color from Essie seems like it'd be the perfect match to my morning drink.  I like a lot of cream in my coffee & the pale color of this polish is lovely!

five // A fun gift for someone who doesn't have a french press (like me) in a fun color.  We recently switched out our plates, but this matches the guacamole colored plates (similar to these) I used to have from Target.

Today I'm cuddled up under a flannel, snowflake printed duvet cover working on somethings.  As you can see I redesigned the blog again.  I need to just settle on something!  If you're interested in a design, shoot me an email (I'm open for clients for the holiday season, a perfect gift for yourself!) & check out the options here.

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  1. we've had a keurig for almost 2 years now and LOVE it. the little filters you can buy to use with regular coffee make it so much more affordable (those K cups ARE ridiculously expensive) but I love the option of having a large choice of blends and other hot drinks for guests. definitely a WIN WIN! hope Santa's good to you! ;)

  2. I love the owl mug. I am a total coffee addict so I love this post. Doesn't coffee ?taste better when you drink it out of something fun?


  3. I'm a total coffee nut so I love everything about this post. I just got a coffeemaker maybe two Christmas' ago but I already want a new one. I really wish to get a fancy schmany one. I admit I want a Verismo from Starbucks. :)

  4. As one in a long line of coffee lovers, I must say that I love everything in this post. I particularly like the owl mug. Half the fun in drinking coffee is the mug.


  5. I love the mug and the picture!


  6. Sometimes I really wish I liked coffee because there are so many adorable coffee-related things you can buy! Haha but I suppose there are lots of cute tea-related things, too. :) :)

  7. looove coffee!! we have a keurig that we got a couple months ago, and we do buy k-cups on occasion, but i use my filter pretty much every day. :) my hubby loves it because he drinks SO MUCH TEA, and it's a lot easier to make hot water.

    & yes, coffee is (most) always a good idea. ;)

  8. For coffee lovers like me, I love this Keurig coffee maker. It is one of the trendy best coffee maker in today's market. Why not? Most of the features of it are great and really commendable.


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