Trend Tuesday // Plan It. Plan it Good.

Yesterday I mentioned how a blog planner is extremely important to my Blogging Kit.  I can't wait until mine runs out so I can purchase a new one! I don't have a fancy one, just a plain ol one but I'm in the market for something more inspiring!

If you're not sold on it, let me give you some reasons why a blog planner is a good investment:

 More Accomplishments  -Planning ahead helps make sure that all your blogging ideas become accomplishments.  Keeping a schedule will make sure you post all the things you're thinking about that month & you'll never be looking for something to post again.

 Get Out More  - Planning gives you more time to go out & do! Plan a week in advance then forget about it! You don't have to spend evenings after work writing out a post for the next day.  Spend one day a week blogging all your ideas & then enjoy the rest of the week coming up with things to blog.

 Fluid Movement  - Planning gives you fluidity.  Once I write down all the things I'd like to blog & can evaluate which ideas are developed fully & which ideas may need to wait a week (or even a month) or two.  You'll realize what you've got that's great & what you've got that's good but needs work.

Here are some different planners that may help you out in the planning process:

Plan it Good

 ONE  - A weekly calendar is great to plan week to week.  Keep it on your desk so you can look at it regularly.  If you like to keep blogging separate from life & may not need to carry around a planner this is a great option to keep your ideas & plans readily available when you get into work mode.  This one is by Post-It & has an assortment of small Post-It's on the side there.

 TWO  - Planning with vintage flair.  Sometimes pretty is the best inspiration.  Start any time with a blank planner where you fill in the dates.  This pretty planner has a lovely inspirational quote on the front to keep you on the track of your dreams:
A dream written down witha date becomes a Goal.  A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.  A plan back by action makes yoru dreams come true. - Greg S. Reid
 THREE  - Another great quote MAKE IT HAPPEN.  More demanding, if your into that sorta thing.  This one is a bit bigger, has a section for notes, & is filled with lovely typography.  This would get me inspired to no end! Pretty fonts make a list look so much better right?

 FOUR  - The pretty forest scene on the front of this planner is nothing compared to the pretty organization with in.  Label the front with the year or the goal & make a yearly, monthly, & weekly plan.  Room for notes & 4 pastel dividers will get you organized in no time!

 FIVE  - Pretty & petite slip this one in your purse.  Keep up with your blogging on the go.  Plus the floral front is just beautiful

If you don't have a planner, pick up one of these or print out the monthly & weekly calendar from this post & create a blog binder for your desk.

Do you use a planner? Has it helped? What are your planning methods?

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  1. Oh goodness. Once again you've compiled a post with really great words of wisdom for a young blogger like me. Do you usually only plan a week in advance? I'm really struggling with planning because I've been working 12 hour days 5 days a week lately. It leaves little to no time to plan anything but planning a month in advance makes me frazzled because it's so much space to fill.

    I love reading your blog! :)


    1. I love planning lol. Usually I sit down & plan on the last Sunday of the month. I've found that having reoccurring posts makes it easier for me to fill my blog calendar. That -is- a lot of hours for you to work & I know how it feels to be exhausted at the end of the day....it was only until I actually found the time that I could sit down & plan.

      Try to come up with reoccurring types of posts (I have Make it Monday, Boost Your Blog, Trend Tuesday, Fan Friday, & Sum up Sunday..that's a lot!) These allow me to know what posts I need to write to fill in the spaces where these don't fit. Since each reoccurring post has a sort of guidelines I don't really have to 'think' about writing it. This is also where the blogging notebook comes in to write down ideas. Since I have reoccurring posts, I can think through the month/week about the reoccurring posts & come up with ideas (I hope this makes sense!!) I flip through my notebook & write down the ideas through the month, then fill in the 'unique' posts, if that makes sense.

      It's all about balance. Usually I try to have posts written a week or week+ in advance. Sometimes (like with Blogtober) I try to fill in the whole month!

      But don't let this discourage you! Just keep consistant in posting. Try to plan a week in advance & see how it goes.

      Hope this helped!!!

    2. I made a simple to do list on Monday and insteead of stressing out about next week I tackled the list instead. I might be a "week in advance" blogger for a while know. :) I do several reoccuring posts including; Music Monday, What I'm Reading & 5 Things I Love. You're right - it frees up my time to worry about photography & posts instead of those little "fillers." I actually just wrote 4 Music Monday posts in advance for the next few weeks. Whew! Thanks for the pointers!


  2. i do mine online - through google calendar - and schedule reoccuring events each month for features and plan outfits and guest posts through it. i agree it helps SO much

    <3 katherine

  3. I own a planner and try to use it to plan my blog posts in advance. I'm lucky if I can schedule a week in advance and if I'm really lucky I can schedule for more than one week. There are a couple of regular linkups that I like to do and that helps too



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