Inspiring Colors // Print, Pattern, & Pretty

I'm finally done painting but we're nowhere near done. We've got an adventure on our hands kids, an adventure.  To cheer me up (oh & for you too!) here are some lovely color palettes and some print & pattern inspiration I found on Pinterest this week:

Pretty Patterns & Lovely Colors found via Poppy Talk

Cool but mostly awesome bedding sets from KIP&CO
(seriously, check it out!)

I am in love with geometric patterns & really want to play with more triangles.  I wish I could get away with having some geometric patterns on the walls...but hey, I'm done painting for right now!

Where do you get blog design inspiration from?

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  1. Lately I've been getting my inspiration from the fall colors I love so much. Since that's what I've been looking at online a lot that is what's constantly in my mind. I do love those sheets! So cute & fun!



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