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(this is post 1 of 3 today as I catch up from the weekend.)

A big part of blogging is connecting with others.  Joining social networks & connecting with bloggers lets others know that your blog is out there.  It's an important thing to focus on to gain a readership & reach your audience.  For me, blogging & networking can not be severed.  In order to blog you have to network.  It's a hard balance & it's never perfect, but having a presence & talking with other bloggers will help your blog grow!

 Pick only a few networks  - You don't have to be on all social networks just pick a few & stick with them.  A great way to have a presence on a few is to link your accounts to other social networks.  Link your Instagram to Twitter & Tumblr or even Facebook.  (Because, honesly, who can run it all!) You can even use a site like Networked Blogs to link your posts to show up in on Facebook & Twitter.  This helps a lot if you have a full time job (or no time, like me recently, to promote your posts) & schedule your posts to go up a certain time of the day.

 Comment on other blogs  - The best way to have others check you out is to comment, comment, comment.  Don't just leave a generic 'love this post!' comment but rather start a conversation.  Posting something that is relevant, thoughtful, & helps with the conversation will promote your integrity along with your blog.  Additionally, don't just throw your blog url all willy nilly up in your comments, either. Networking isn't just about promoting yourself it's about connecting with others.  We're more likely to respond to friendly conversation than to self promotion.

It is a careful balance of these two that I try to keep as a part of my blogging routine.  A good way to keep up with commenting if you often don't have time is to set a goal to comment.  A little weird I know, but it will encourage you find new blogs & keep connecting with the ones you love.  This is the one I struggle with when I become too busy.  But setting a goal helps me stay grounded & a part of the community.  

Alright, are you ready for post number 2 of 3? Gimme a sec & it will be here!

How do you connect with others in the blogging community?

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  1. I am absolutely loving all the tips that you have been giving for blogtober! I joined the Better Blogger Network to meet people I also follow some bloggers on twitter as well as doing link ups and party posts :)



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