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Here we are again....I'm catching up for 3 days.  Never again will I remodel a house AND do a 31 day straight blog feature.  But both are nearly once in a lifetime events, eh?

Wowzers.  It's been crazy this past few weeks trying to get the house done.  But we are on our way.  I can't wait to show you & really I think if October is Blogtober then November has to be Homevember...what do you think? It may not be a month long, everyday feature...but I've got A LOT to share with you.  I've got some do's & don'ts, some tips & tricks, and some who to use & who not to use suggestions.  It's gonna be fun.  But anyway, on the the faves of the week:

I'm giving away a blog design featuring a header, button, & social network icons over on the Weekend File so head on over & enter!.  I recently redid Hayley's blog to be more modern & clean.  It looks amazing! I think Hayley has a great eye & knows what she wants.  It was perfect for designing...if something wasn't the way she saw it in her mind, we worked til it was there.  Great vision is wonderful in a blog design.  If you haven't checked her's out, here's a little screen shot:

I am also going to talk more about the process here soon, just gotta write it out!

If you're interested in a design, I'm open but also the feature sponsor this month - Maddie from Thrift Fairy - does design too!  She's got a cool, colorful aesthetic so check her out!

It's killing me not to show you some of the Home Decor things I'm loving right now so let's stay focused with this awesome desk organizer:
Of course the link doesn't lead anywhere, so if you know please share!  This is a super cool, feminine, & I'd dare say professional addition to your desk.

Link Love
++ This list of pretty cursive fonts from Modern Buttercup.  I love cursive fonts & usually write in cursive.  I've used it past elementary school....yes sir I have ++

++ More fonts here.  Love me some fonts ++

Hope you've enjoyed your week!

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